Merry Christmas gift. Daton L. Fluker’s Ghost Paintings

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Merry Christmas Everyone…

Here is screenplay Called “Ghost Paintings” written by me.

It’s a Christmas gift from me to you….

No Charge… Its Free to download. 

I just wish everyone a Merry Chirstmas….

Short Synopsis about “Ghost Paintings”

A slave falls in love with a painter in the 16th Century. The Painter’s father is an abusive slave owner who would do anything to damage his daughter’s chances of living in a sensible society. He lost his mind when his wife died in a stage coach accident. Catherine is forced to live in a household filled with prejudice power, while she witnesses her father sob in sorry, and destroy their binding relationship.

Every love story is beautiful. However, every love story doesn’t end happily.

Released December 25, 2011

Please, take a journey into Author’s Daton L. Fluker’s mind, and let “Ghost Paintings” fill your imagination with theoretical suspense.

Download Ghost Paintings here:

Copyrighted by Daton L. Fluker 2011

Books By Daton L. Fluker

BARNES & NOBLE | Death Keeper’s Biological Wasteland by Daton L. Fluker, Strategic Book Group, LLC | Paperback

A couple of poems I written recently….

“A Sacred Fight” and “Heavenly Kiss” by Author, Daton L. Fluker

 December 18, 2011

A Sacred Fight

Written by Daton L. Fluker

To the Blanche Foundation 

You can take the pins out

and shoved my favored flesh

on their tips 

in my mouth.

However, I will shout out loud.

Let the children grow.

Let them go…

Release these chains, that curse my arms

Pull the nails from my fingertips

So I can man my pirate ship

over the ocean 

on a nightmare solar eclipse, 

so take a trip with me

come swim in the darkness…

The children say,

“Momma and Papa

God’s watching me

Watching you

Watching them.

So change your will.

And you’re my chance.

You’re my hope to live.

The power of the unconsciousness subsists clear.

Oh my dear.”

So love the children.

With all your might.

Give them the day

and take their fright away

and give them a night of a sacred fight.

To be a witness of their stupors and worlds that take flight.


To my friend George Fernandez—>the Blanch Foundation

“Heavenly Kiss”

written by Daton L. Fluker December 18, 2011

You asking me… When I don’t have no money…

All I have is faith…

So I will pray, for the children of your country.

Bless them, with the courage, and the honor to be free.

There’s will, their will, their place.

I give the children of the world a heavenly kiss…

Bless all the lovely children. Bless all their days.

I love them all, anyway.

Give them your heart, give them your bread, and give them your light to see in their darkness.

Lighting a candle, will not do so much.

However, giving them electricity will light up their minds…

and filling up their cups, with

the sound of survival.

And the thought of a touch.

And the feeling of the wind touching their skin…

The key is to give them enough, and if you can, give them too much.

Because the children are the unused us

And we to desire as much

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