The Daton L. Fluker Theorem

Ice Bear Association: IBA

A fictional – Forecast

The Daton L. Fluker Theorem



Ice Bear Association is a virtual business concept that runs like a hymenoptera kingdom. This could be one of the answers to growth in these needy societies that most of us live in. This business concept was recognized by Daton L Fluker on April of 2017 and it is called the Daton L. Fluker Theorem. The individuals involved with this business concept will work together in sequence to break the laws of financing. Fundamentally, thousands of investors could purchase real-estate faster than one individual could by themselves. Profoundly, society wants everyone to be individuals. Individualism is similar to slavery. If you want to be free, get rid of debt. Everyone has the right to own themselves. However, if a person has a mortgage, car-note, multiple children, extremely high utility bills and many other mandibles, who is this individual working for? Are they working for themselves, or are they working for someone or bills? Another part of individualism that people tend to forget is that we are supposed to interact with others to subsist in reality.

A Mathematical Forecast

Ice Bear Association 






Let’s say 2000 business partners deposited 200 dollars every month for a year into a Business Account–that will be referred to as a Queen Account–with the intention of buying a McDonald’s Franchise.


























In twelve months, 2000 business partners could accumulate a whopping $4,800,000 which will be processed into the Queen Account.

A McDonald Franchise 

Cost of a McDonald Franchise 


Franchise Fee 


Total Cost 



Within a year’s timeframe, 2000 business owners will have purchased two McDonalds. These predicted numbers does not conjecture the interest that this money will accumulate each month.


First Goal: Own 200 McDonalds.

200 McDonalds 

200 McDonald Owner Profits 

%10 that goes into the Queen Account 




Second Goal: Buy a McDonalds for each 2,000 member.

2000 McDonalds 

2000 Owner Profits

%10 that goes into the Queen Account 








After the hymenoptera business reaches its peak, it will be used to produce infinite advancements that does not have to be paid back by any of its members, member’s children, or their grandchildren. We could purchase real estate, houses, and trips to the Caribbean, or open more queen businesses.

Tools needed to invoke a hymenoptera business:

  1. Develop or find a social media platform to collaborate, engage, and share info between a business team of thousands of individuals.
  2. A virtual office that can be used to collect data, introduce business concepts, and to collect information of affiliate and franchise businesses.
  3. An email Newsletter system which we can communicate with thousands of business partners in sequence.
  4. An eSignature app that could capture electronic signatures for thousands of business partners in sequence. This will be used so that everyone will have a copy of the business plan and contract reserved in the cloud.
  5. A list of 10 Franchises that cost under $1,000,000. Everyone in the business world may not want to own a McDonalds. Conversely, a gym, a coin laundry mat, a hotel, or a mechanic shop are all extraordinary businesses that could make extreme profits.
  6. A queen business account; where 2000 business partners who signs the business contract contributes at least $50 to $100 a month for 2 or 3 years.
  7. The Queen Business Account will be used to buy franchises one by one for each 2000 members.
    1. These business will be called HIVES. Each Business owner who has a HIVE will contribute 10 percent of its profits made to the Queen Account.
    2. The more people with a HIVE will help quickly increase the Queen account so that others in the business team could get their first Franchise.
  8. The King Body: Is a group of individuals who gets paid directly from the Queen Account. It will in impregnate the Queen to produce a Hive. The King Body will employ project managers, human resource managers, accountants and lawyers to help start and run each business.
    1. I also believe that every year that the queen account should transfer money to the King Body account so the members on in the King Body doesn’t have access to the queen account.


The queen Account will stay open indefinitely to produce substantial amounts of assistance to the Ice Bear Association members and their children and grandchildren. After the Ice Bear association opens their first private skyscraper only members of the Ice Bear Association will be given access to it. This will be a place of business. Give everyone a pediment that will be tracked, and it will give access to the structure. Also anyone holding the pediment will be able to extract a large advancement from the queen account without having to pay anything back.




Private Kisses

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Private Kisses

By Daton L. Fluker 

July 10, 2016


You see the trash in the streets. Look away girl. Turn the other cheek. Because no one will pick it up. My broken heart.

You have forgotten the promise. Our past aggressions will keep us from our destiny if we let it. I am worthy. But, I need some time to rest.

The world is ours baby. I know my wealthy angel is ready to love me. I need a vacation and a bunch of kisses to sooth my nervous system.

I’m turning to slush. I’m lost in time. I want to forget, but I can’t because I want to be good.

I’m on Mars. I’m sitting on a sand table drinking tea on Pluto. I’m jogging around Saturn rings. I’m getting cream from the Milky Way.

My imagination is shining like Sirius–the most luminous star in the sky?

However, don’t forget about the shit that grows in the dark. Don’t forget about us.

My truth is not yours to obey. I am a piller of supposed to be lies that you turn your cheek to; I use to be worthy of your grace.

We bear the weight of our actions which follows us like shadows. The more we dwell on our actions, the more darkness grows.

Don’t forget that I am Daton —The one they forgot to hug. The outcast. The forgotten song. The darkest magic. The lost American.

You don’t get me. I deeply apologize. Yet, fill my head with knowledge. Please me until my heart is contempt; until you see heaven in me.

How could I know the world was so big filled with candy canes?

A silent song I loved so much. She’s gone so fast. She blew like dust.

Raise my cock, you’ll have something nice to sit on. Raise my knowledge, and you’ll have my heart and my cock to raise.

Young beautiful brown eyed girls will make you fall to your knees and please them.

Her screaming subsides. Grabbing my head and pulling it closer; I felt the bed shimmer. Her back tighten. Her tonsils grew dry.

She’s more sweeter than coolaid. And her booty stacks perfectly in bundles like hay. It’s an explosion of darkness and day.

A nightmare she sees. My darling dear. My un-announced lover is nostalgic for a past that she sees through rose-colored glasses.

Wake me up with cock kisses. Put me to sleep with forehead kisses. Tease me with nipple kisses. And love me with tongue kisses.

The Dark Polar Bear

Written by Daton L. Fluker

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Incredible things happen when you grip a final product.
Wars waste our brothers’ and sisters’ blood.
But yet, violent waves in crest our pathes with incest; If you adore her, you’ll love a child of earth.
A girl’s heart gives cotton kisses to a  polar bear’s broken anatomy.
Nightmares can’t heal without the kind touch of ice and the soothing excutive company of medicine? Read the rest of this entry »

My last Valentine’s
by Novelist, Daton L. Fluker
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How can you say you love me when you never did?
As beautiful as you are, I still see darkness behind your eyes.
Every single second I have extra, I’d kiss and lick your clit ’cause I love pleasing you.
When someone who’s suppose to love you doesn’t show you enough attention, they make their lover feel terrible because of their busy schedules.
You must pay attention to me because I am a certain type of forever. I am a dark forever.
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She will never Love us Anymore…
Written by Daton L. Fluker

Your retardiness loses overtime from my sharpness. Don’t let these Baton Rouge niggas get it twisted. I’m the king of darkness.
Infamous me…
Fear guides the masses.
It’s a magical circumference I had to walk mixed with the ingenuity of my broken heart.
You’d forgive me if you knew my struggle. “Why would I be forgiven?”
Maybe… Who understands how the world works? Read the rest of this entry »

The World of an Abecedarian

Written by Horror Novelist, Daton L. Fluker

Criminal hearted but enacted in a guitar’s thrusting crown.
The belly of society is around.
The abecedarian faces the devil’s house on his or her own.
As the warriors prepare his or her norce for their nation’s final war-zone.
She dresses in her gown.
However, the roses of serenity are gone.
Because of ordinance and predetermination, flowers are violently grown with the hellion of heavy metal sound.

…………. Extended words……

A new world is built. And it is designed on the pedals of drum beats and with vaccines of words. It’s my world. In Daton L. Fluker’s portal of abandonment; in his dreams of opportunity, and as many hearts pound in sacred fire, a new world will be finish in due time.

Rock me out baby.








“If I had a Suicide Letter”

By Horror Novelist, Daton L. Fluker

To my beloved Friends:
I touched the panther on its shoulder. At first the cat was quiet and calculative. When I did it again, she ate me alive.
“When will I dream again?”
“How can I pull myself back-up?”
“How can I stand if you are not on my side?”
My love, what else would you like me to do? Put a sword through my heart and video tape it?
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