The Dark Polar Bear written by Daton L. Fluker

The Dark Polar Bear

Written by Daton L. Fluker

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Incredible things happen when you grip a final product.
Wars waste our brothers’ and sisters’ blood.
But yet, violent waves in crest our pathes with incest; If you adore her, you’ll love a child of earth.
A girl’s heart gives cotton kisses to a polar bear’s broken anatomy.
Nightmares can’t heal without the kind touch of ice and the soothing excutive company of medicine.

An introvert of the shadows. Tears roll down cowards’ faces! But yet, the Dark Polar Bear sleeps in hidden burrows.
Heros march across violent terrains in the most intrusive weather. Even with the knowledge of being ripped apart limb to limb, they’ll pundle pass a polar bear’s cave.
Body parts are coisigned to graves within the monster’s bed.
Dreary, I can’t sleep with snakes underneath my sheets. Her tongue moves around in my mouth.
Minus away the cold enviornment (enshrined under ice fields) are where its meals call out for the Sandman’s services.
Their eyes water with secretions like tidal waves punching toward the earth’s crest.
They say we are free! Liars. I’ve seen silhouettes of antagonism whale against shakey walls.
Everything I use to know is hard to let go, all my treasures dear to me are like gold.
A concubine gives herself to the devil’s tongue.
Fingers sow together, while her Master pulls her through the bedroom on her bloody knees! Fuck!
Melting matrixes of ice patches lacerate my skin. Large whelps grow on my back as I walk through a forest of forgotten shadows.
It’s something that dies in me; a lifestyle ends for it’s hated-respective-thurst.
You yellow belly! You misfit. You cry baby cream puff. Get out of my way so I could eat a hearty meal filled with meat and mangled substances.
You know what that cry is? It’s the cry of something dieing. They told him not to trust the world, and not to answer questions that he did not know. Sometimes, we can’t answer questions right then and there because we must search for the answers. So it’s good to sleep first then answer questions in due time.


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