My last Valentine’s by Novelist, Daton L. Fluker

My last Valentine’s
by Novelist, Daton L. Fluker
@DatonFluker Twitter


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How can you say you love me when you never did?
As beautiful as you are, I still see darkness behind your eyes.
Every single second I have extra, I’d kiss and lick your clit because I love pleasing you.
When someone who’s suppose to love you doesn’t show you enough attention, they make their lover feel terrible because of their busy schedules.
You must pay attention to me because I am a certain type of forever; a dark forever.

You must know the truth or make your own truth.
He or she who doesn’t confirm to the other shall be lost. She and he must take care of each other. Fundamentally, to this bitch you must commit; in both tones, female or male.
When your body says no, but your mind says yes, you’d wind up picking up something too heavy to lift. And you’d breakdown.
Hey baby… There’s no more cloudy days. Rain falls down; halos form. Silhouettes dance on my heart. She got me licking on her Rock Star.
Nightmare bears in grey cages taint with used motor-oil. An itchy heart views black and white sceneries, while Americans dance at midnight.
Knowledge is power baby. It can rip your heart apart, and you won’t be going nowhere honey; as long as your sugar grains doesn’t spread.
I remember when I use to ask for everything. I remember when younger people use to ask me for everything. Now, no one asks me for nothing.
Why do I know her? I’m undeserving. I’m very thankful for our time spent chatting. Conversely, I’m a greedy little pirate. I need more.
Her lips are light pink. Her nipples are cherries growing on spongy milky hearts. She’s more than an angel; she’s a goddess.
I taste her spit in my dreams. It tastes like fruit juices.
If we dated, I’ll die if she left me.
She doesn’t see me even when I beg. I earn to kiss her lips on Valentine’s Day. I grovel to her soft feet. She is so beautiful.
This is the nightmarish truth, “Who finds their soul erupted by those lies? However, growth is prominent. They are imbecilic to dangerous flames.”
You will know who I am. And you will love me.
I’m gonna fail your test every single time because I am a knuckle-head.
I can’t protect you from this storm. However, I can protect you from its heart.
The mass doesn’t know what to say about you when they find out that you know.
How can I love you? They have forgotten about me because I am darkness.
They want to know if my skin is made of color. They want to know if my pen is made of glass.
Buzzards surround us. I scamper to my knees. Nightmares are at my feet; angels call for me. My friends did not get to know me well enough to let me go.
I’ll fade away soon.
Our treasures die with us. The battle goes on. I fight better with Cupid’s arrows drown through my bleeding chest.
God understands our pain; He’ll make it better. However, there are days I wish the devil had a stake in my faith. I wish I burn to ashes.
Don’t let the clouds tell you any different. A big storm is coming, and no one will suspect it to be as huge as a Star.
I want to chain you to the bed and force my sexy D into your ass.
Today’s angels have no wings. We fly under the stars! To keep you, I must do certain things for you. To keep me you must do certain things for me.
She tells me, “kiss my affectionate lips, stay in my comfortable arms, put your neck in the seam of my fingers, so I can crush your remanding light.”
I’ll give you what you want! (with tears rolling down my tear-ducks) I’ll give you me!
If you were tied up, gaged, handcuffed, and helpless, would I put my sexy D inside your ass and fuck you hard? Yes, I would ’cause that’s exactly what you did to me!
Poison a sea creature’s heart and its captures will consume fear. Give it the right environment, and it will grow with healthy life.
I tried to explain my love for you in many different ways. “Show love” I say. But you return back hate.
What else is there to give? She had my heart, my body, my soul, my dignity, my time, and my love. What should I give to keep us?
Ladies, that’s how you destroy a perverted man. Give him every essence of you: your body, your heart, even kindness then leave him for another woman on Valentine’s Day.




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