Dishonesty and Honesty

We live in a world of foolery. Of disgust. The lifeless sentimental reasons that make us human, dismantles us.
I can see your way. I know why you do it. You subject people to these consequences because of their prosperity, and of you not being able to provide the most indispensable gifts for yourself and your family.
You lie, cheat, and steal from others for survival. Notwithstanding, your survival became more than getting what you need. Your habits become greed. A pirate…
You’ll never perceive my way of life. In addition to, the more dirt that’s done to the crowds, the lesser you will comprehend of my existence.
Men, women, and children use to oppose their enemies, and protected their families, friends, and countrymen from the wrath of nightmares.
No one can secure a nightmare. A nightmare must fix him, her, or itself.
This is what it means when God says, “the meek shall inherit the world.”
No one will understand why they are being attacked and their lives broken.
So they stop fighting.
You have never really seen hell. You probably believe you live in hell, and that’s why you continuously eat from the flowers there.
It’s sweet now. However, it’s only temporary.
If you play the golden harp, people will be attracted to the shiny metal. If you play the wooden harp, people will be attracted to the music.
Furthermore, people will fight over the golden harp.
However, the wooden one, they can always obtain or make one themselves. This is compared to dishonesty and honesty. God’s watching you.

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