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Daton L. Fluker is an experience writer, who writes novels, screenplays, and novellas. He has been writing literature since 2006.

Daton lives in Baton Rouge Louisiana. He taught English for 12 years in Japan.

He strives to get his Associates Degree in Industrial Engineering at ITT TECH. He also would like to get a bachelors degree in Project Management.

He is a cool fellow to talk to, and he loves meeting new people.

Quote from Author – Daton, “If someone doesn’t want to give you hell then create your own hell. If someone doesn’t want to give you heaven then create your own heaven. If someone doesn’t want to give you a project to work on then create your own project.”

Favorite Books Killer’s on the Loose by Antonio Mendoza, and Rain Storm by Barry Eisler

Books written by Daton L. Fluker: 
Coming soon Substance: God’s Hell Fairy – Horror Novel 
Nightmares are coming. Terra Omegon is an Angel summoned to combat on the burning grounds of Substance. The Creator wants him to protect the forgotten souls, the people who weren’t destined to take room and board on the torrid surface of the first planet.
Unlike humans, Angels don’t have a say so in the contracts written for them. However, they do have the choice to fight for goodness or refer to be evil. Darkness, is everywhere.
Even though an Angel is a direct descendant of God, He still will send him or her to Substance if He needs them to fight. The only reason why people go to Open Source Substance is because of the nightmare created at the beginning. The first shadow was a speck of dust that grew throughout the universe, taking the light and turning it into darkness.
This book is a nightmare. Murderers are born to be murderers. Death rings fear in this fairytale. Terra Omegon must protect the hell sword from the creatures of Substance. Whoever holds the Hell Sword can command all the evil in that sector.
When Terra goes to earth, he possesses a pure soul. The only unpolluted souls on earth in the 21th century are children. Even though Terra Omegon is an angel, he is something from Substance. Welcome to Daton L. Fluker’s Substance, God’s Hell Fairy. But be warned. Substance pertains to the concept of pure evil. Substance is hell.

Published on Kindle.
February 24, 2012

Keyword Search: Daton L. Fluker, or Substance God’s Hell Fairy

Click here for The Official Substance God’s Hell Fairy – Kindle Page 

Death Keeper’s Biological Wasteland 2011 – Action Thriller

ISBN 978-1-60911-862-4 Publisher Strategic Book Group



Death Keeper’s Biological Wasteland is one scary novel. This futuristic thriller takes readers 2,000 years into the future, when the word “dead” has no real meaning. It is said that when there is no more room in hell, the dead will walk again.

In the year 4009, the world is in ruins, decaying even as the atmosphere slowly withers away. Garbage is piled a mile high and the smell from the Walking Dead can burn a hole in your lungs.

Daton L. Fluker is a 21st-century rap superstar who is brought back to life in the 41st century as a clone. But Daton is different from the millions of other clones. He is the chosen one, the only person predestined who can bring guidance, hope and a new life to the people of the future. But can he do it? Daton is the Death Keeper.

Daton L. Fluker | Official Author Site

Death Keeper’s Biological Wasteland – Press Release

BARNES & NOBLE – Death Keeper’s Biological Wasteland by Daton L. Fluker, Strategic Book Group, LLC | Paperback

Death Keeper’s Biological Wasteland (9781609118624): Daton L. Fluker: Books – Amazon.com 

Finished Cries 2008 – Horror:


Destructiveness controls the world. Sometimes, mothers and fathers or destine to take care of their families in frightful circumstances. John and his wife, Sharen, are immense with certain decisions for their family’s survival. In this lullaby, a happy clench Hollywood ending isn’t written on the headlines.
The world is noxious with greed, fear, and deranged maniacs. “Finished Cries” is a tale of endurance, love, and revenge. Help yourself to the insolvable problems and towering ailments. Step into the Muller’s house, and have a cup of tea.
Remember to check and see if the doors are close, and if your phone line is still operatable. Furthermore, keep a shot gun under your bed. You’ll never know who may knock on the door.

Finished Cries – hardcover by Daton L Fluker in Horror – Laurie’s Store Front

Kindle – Finished Cries eBook: Daton Fluker, Laurie D. Shepherd, Tomoko Sasaki: – Kindle Store 

Books by Daton L. Fluker Coming soon: 

Camelot Dimension 360 – Action Thriller Novel 
Screenplays Written By Daton L. Fluker: 

Short Synopsis about “Ghost Paintings”
A slave falls in love with a painter in the 16th Century. The Painter’s father is an abusive slave owner who would do anything to damage his daughter’s chances of living in a sensible society. He lost his mind when his wife died in a stage coach accident. Catherine is forced to live in a household filled with prejudice power, while she witnesses her father sob in sorry, and destroy their binding relationship.
Every love story is beautiful. However, every love story doesn’t end happily.

Ghost Paintings.pdf – 4shared.com – document sharing – download – Daton Fluker

Ghost Paintings Download a Free Copy HERE 4share 

Speaks of Shadows – Coming soon 

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Personal Interests Writing, Muay Thai Boxing, Computers, Solar Power, and going to college. Email datonfluke@live.com Phone 81+8066562641 Website http://deathkeeperworld.com

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