Does God exist in hell?


After writing Substance God’s Hell Fairy, I have become mystified in thinking about where God resides in our world and beyond.

The concept of God states in most religions such as Islam, Christianity, and  Hinduism that God is everywhere.

God is in every living and non-living creature.  The darkest shadows to the smallest microscope organisms holds the power of existence. 

The Creator  transformed the meadows, He paved the mountains with rock, and He filled the oceans with abundant life.

I wanted to share this proverb with you,

“27 He that hath knowledge spareth his words: and a man of understanding is of an excellent spirit” (Proverbs 17 : 27 – KJV).

God is actually describing to us that men hold the knowledge of the universe.  Meaning that men with knowledge doesn’t always understand its concepts or its power. 

Conversely, a person who understands knowledge will insert the technology, concept, or idea carefully without destroying creation.

To me, this states that God is in all of us, including in all unknown and known knowledge.

When men didn’t know the external harm of nuclear energy, our forefathers used nuclear power as a weapon of mass-destruction.

The more we understood it, the better the technology evolved.  Nuclear power drives most of our cities around the glob, filling our homes with serviceable electricity.

My question is, if God exist in future knowledge, does He also exist in hell?

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Nightmares are coming. Terra Omegon is an Angel, who is summoned to combat on the burning grounds of Substance.

The Creator wants him to protect the forgotten souls, the people who weren’t destined to take room and board on the torrid surface of the first planet.

Unlike humans, Angels don’t have a say so in the contracts written for them. However, they do have the choice to fight for goodness or refer to be evil.

Darkness, is everywhere. Even though an Angel is a direct descendant of God, He still will send him or her to Substance if He needs them to fight. The only reason why people go to Open Source Substance is because of the nightmare created at the beginning.

The first shadow was a speck of dust that grew throughout the universe, taking the light and turning it into darkness. This book is a nightmare. Murderers are born to be murderers.

Death rings fear in this fairy-tale. Terra Omegon must protect the hell sword from the creatures of Substance. Whoever holds the Hell Sword can command all the evil in that sector.

When Terra goes to earth, he possesses a pure soul. The only unpolluted souls on earth in the 21th century are children.

Even though Terra Omegon is an angel, he is something from Substance. Welcome to Daton L. Fluker’s Substance, God’s Hell Fairy. But be warned. Substance pertains to the concept of pure evil. Substance is hell.

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