“If I had a Suicide Letter” By Horror Novelist, Daton L. Fluker





“If I had a Suicide Letter”

By Horror Novelist, Daton L. Fluker

To my beloved Friends:

I touched the panther on its shoulder. At first the cat was quiet and calculative. When I did it again, she ate me alive.
“When will I dream again?”
“How can I pull myself back-up?”
“How can I stand if you are not on my side?”
My love, what else would you like me to do? Put a sword through my heart and video tape it?

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This is Another Movie night With Daton L Fluker

This is Another Movie night With Daton L Fluker

Sit back, relax and kick off your shoes. Be captive, and come into my lovely residence, and I will bring you a soda, or a beer.


Figure 1 (Daton L. Fluker, 2010)


The first topic we will be discussing today is The Expendables (2010. First let me innervate on one of my favorite actors. I always enjoy watching Sylvester Stallone movies. I remember sitting in front of a black and white television watching First Blood. First Blood was the first Rambo movie. Rambo: First Blood 2 was the second. When I watched the second for the first time, my parents upgraded to color television. I remember one of my favorite lines in Rambo: First Blood 2 clear as day,

“Then what is it that you want?”

    “I want, what they want, and every other guy who came over here and spilled his guts and gave everything he had, wants! For our country to love us as much as we love it! That’s what I want!”

It must be one of those flashbulb memories

If you never seen the movie Rambo then I will give you a little explanation about what happened. John Rambo is a Vietnam Vet. When he comes home from Vietnam, the American people didn’t treat their soldiers well. American Citizens blamed soldiers for the misguided information NEWS carriers were giving them. Vietnam was a tough war. Pregnant women, children, babies and anything that could walk probably had a bomb strapped to it. What do any soldiers do, in any country, in a life or death situation, when the civilians of that country are attacking them? They follow commands no matter what. Soldiers can’t fire upon civilians, unless they are given the order. This is what the American people didn’t understand fully, that the soldiers didn’t have a choice to be in Vietnam. They were given orders to go over there, and they were given orders to, protect themselves, and to slaughter people in certain dangerous parts of Vietnam.

The Expendables (2010) Directed by Sylvester Stallone


Figure 2 (Stallone, 2010)


I saw many Actors, from the past and future, which played action heroes in The Expendables (2010). I have been dedicated to Sylvester Stallone movies, since I was a child, and I respect his methodology. It might not be the cleanest, but chopping someone’s head and hands off, is his trademark. I want to see Rambo fight Jason Voorhees or Michael Myers. In Rambo 2008, Rambo does get to come back to America. I’m not giving out too much knowledge about the Expendables, but the movie was furnished with many cool all-stars. Jet Li is another one of my favorite actors. He made lots of movies, which could make your head, gyrate off. Arnold Swarchenegger, showed up in the movie. Here are some more popular names: Bruce Willis, Mickey Rourke, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Terry Crews, Randy Couture, Bolo Yeung. It’s a great movie to watch. However, because it is full of great actors, I don’t believe The Expendables (2010) was long enough. A movie like this should be at least four hours long. I speculate that movie fans are getting greedier, or it could just be me. I enjoyed watching this movie, and if you like watching action packed movies, I suggest going watch it, or rent it from a DVD shop.

What Happen to Me on the Way to the Movie Shop?

Usually I go to this movie shop near my place to go rent movies. When I took back The Expendables (2010), and Robin Hood starring Russell Crowe, It was raining. Actually, I came from church and had the movie cases tucked away in a plastic bag, so they won’t get wet. Well, when I put my umbrella in the Umbrella-holder, which sits in front of the store, it vagrantly disappears into thin-air. This really pisses me off because it was the third umbrella stolen from me, from that same movie rental shop. Someone must be stalking me, and when it rains, they follow me and steal my umbrella. It sounds cute, but If I catch the person doing these hennas deeds, it won’t be so cute for them. It must be little munchkins, Smurfs, or gremlins following me. What the hell is someone going to do with an old-ass-umbrella anyway? It was drizzling, not even hard rain. It was raining more when I went to church. Stealing my umbrella for the third time has made me well aware, that someone is following me. It must be some little kids, or a drunken old bastard. It reminds me of the part in Robin Hood when, Russell Crowe was captured by the lost boys in Nottingham Forest. That was a pretty funny part, but it is not at all funny when things like that happen to us. If someone sees an old-ass-green-umbrella in Sakuragicho Japan, it might be mines. If you do, then email me at datonfluke@live.com so I can go put a whoop a can on someone’s short-lived ass.

Robin Hood starring Russell Crowe

Figure 3 (Scott, 2010)


I though the story of Robin Hood started in Nottingham. However, I was mistaken. Well, it did start in Nottingham because Robin’s father was murdered in front of him. After being fatherless, Robin begins traveling across the world. Some places I believe he went to are France, India, Germany and many other places in Europe near Great Britain. Robin Hood tells the story of a man who was stripped of his heritage as a child, and gross up to become a crusader, fighting against King Richard. I grew up thinking that Robin Hood was a false story, but I talked to a lady on Skype, who lives in Nottingham, and she ensures me that Robin Hood is based on a true story. Russell Crowe brings out the barbaric side of Robin Hood. This is a good thing because portrayed Robin Hood to be Robin with some of his merry friends, living in Sherwood Forest, drinking and having a merely good old time. However, historical figures have a beginning, and I believe Russell Crowe played a magnificent part.

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog about The Expendables (2010), and Robin Hood. Whenever I get some time, I would like to deliver hotter movie reviews.

Get a copy of my Novel, Death Keeper’s Biological Wasteland, ISBN: 978-1-60911-862-4. Either search for the novel on line or click here to read the original Press Release. You can buy Author Daton L. Fluker’s
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Ellen Green, Daton L. Fluker. (2011, April 01). Author Daton L. Fluker Pens Futuristic Thriller, “Death Keeper’s Biological Wasteland”. Retrieved May 02, 2011, from Authors Press Release Strategic Book Group: http://authorpressrelease.posterous.com/author-daton-l-fluker-pens-futuristic-thrille

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Author Daton L. Fluker Pens Futuristic Thriller, “Death Keeper’s Biological Wasteland”

Author Daton L. Fluker Pens Futuristic Thriller, “Death Keeper’s Biological Wasteland”








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The Future of Daton L. Fluker Is a Scary Place

Death Keeper’s Biological Wasteland is one scary novel. This futuristic thriller takes readers 2,000 years into the future, when the word “dead” has no real meaning. It is said that when there is no more room in hell, the dead will walk again.

In the year 4009, the world is in ruins, decaying even as the atmosphere slowly withers away. Garbage is piled a mile high and the smell from the Walking Dead can burn a hole in your lungs.

Daton L. Fluker is a 21st-century rap superstar who is brought back to life in the 41st century as a clone. But Daton is different from the millions of other clones. He is the chosen one, the only person predestined who can bring guidance, hope and a new life to the people of the future. But can he do it? Daton is the Death Keeper.

DEATH KEEPER’S BIOLOGICAL WASTELAND (ISBN: 978-1-60911-862-4) will be available on March 29, 2011 for $13.95 and can be ordered through the publisher’s website:


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About the Author: Author Daton L. Fluker grew up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and currently lives in Yokohama, Japan. In addition to writing, he teaches English, and he is working toward a degree in Criminal Justice at Axia College. Meanwhile, he is working on several fictional short stories.

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•    1 April 2011

Movie Night with Daton L. Fluker “The Tourist.”

Movie Night

Johnny Depp & Angelina Jolie “The Tourist” Romantic Thriller

Horror Writer, Daton L. Fluker, March 26, 2011


Good Evening everyone. It’s about 2:10 am in the morning, and I treated myself to a movie. I wanted to write this blog earlier, but I was having trouble with my HD Drive. I apologized for the inconvenience. I am not sure if it will happen again. That’s life in a box-literally a cold box. Sometimes the winter makes me shiver, so I earn for a cup of coffee to warm my heart. The picture of me at the top was taken last year. I still look the same, so it’s ok. I have an Android phone, and the battery runs out faster than a person can pick their teeth, ass, or nose. The camera on the phone doesn’t have a turning head, so I can’t take a picture of myself in less I am looking in a mirror. It is truly hard to find a camera man that will work for nickels, and dimes. Well, after Sony and Panasonic gets through with their camera upgrades, I believe a lot of photographers will be out of commerce. That is good news for American Universities. Furthermore, maybe photographers won’t be getting all the potang. Yes I can go on for days joking. However, let us get to the center of the lollipop.

I watched “The Tourist” starring Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie. The reason why I went to go see the movie is because I made and A- on my Math B1-Algebra second level class. Sometimes the world seems dark, and we have to save some fun for ourselves. Many people probably know me as the Rock-n-Roll Rapper. However, I am not describing this film in a rapper’s perspective. I am showing my desire for the movie as a writer and a fellow artist. The movie was excellent. Conversely, Johnny Depp can be a little soft-(t) sometimes. Oh did I accidentally double my (t) on soft. Ha Ha… Just joking Johnny…

We have to love both performers. Both performers did over 70 films; I believe they live hours away from each other in France. I always thought Angelina Jolie was American. See how much a thick headed polar-bear of a man who likes peanuts and butter finger snacks while he is watching porn on Saturday nights understand the film industry. Why am I so inconsistent? Well sometimes you get bad weed. The weed is smoke-able. However, if it has many seeds then the joint will always need to be lith. It’s a simple useful expression for, “Sometimes you have to grab your balls and choke them.” It’s an inside joke and people living like me would probably understand what I am talking about.

I wanted to go for a Jog. It started to rain. I got bored, so I through on some black jeans, a brown hoodie, and put some thick black socks on then grabbed my Android phone and left for Blitz. Blitz is a local movie theater in Sakuragicho Japan. It was pretty cold. The city goes dark after 10:00 because all the businesses are conserving energy. The last Earthquake in Japan was at a magnitude 9.0. It devastated a lot of people homes in the Northern area. I pray that the thousands of people, who are lost, will find their way back home.

“The Tourist” is filled with a lot of wonderful action scenes. No sex-scenes because Johnny Depp has a girlfriend and Angelina Jolie has a family of her own. Besides Johnny’s girl friend didn’t want to see Johnny in a twisted situation—as most may describe it. The kissing scene was awesome. However, I just wish they wouldn’t have cut the shower scene. Anyone can get tied up in Angelina’s eyes. Her eyes snakes into the heart and makes the wind pushing through our lungs shy away from the screen-just for a few seconds. It’s nice film to go watch. I couldn’t read the credits because I am in Japan. My Japanese isn’t so profitable. However, I am still learning. I had to order my ticket in Japanese, and that’s always fun to speak Japanese whenever I get a chance.

After the movie, I went to Tsutaya in Sakuragicho and got a nice and disgusting cup of coffee. Café Americano is potently bitter if drunk without milk or sugar. Just the way I like it, a drink that will keep the fingers moving and doesn’t have any preservatives-only a natural relish.

The pictures are pretty cool. I wish the resolution was better. I am going to do an Omori to Yokohama walk to promote the new novel I wrote, “Death Keeper’s Biological World.” Check out Camelot Dimension 360 a manuscript I am writing at https://horrorwriterdkw.wordpress.com. Hopefully, Camelot Dimension 360 will be finished sometime during the middle of this year. However, shit happens. That is why I never set complete dates. The 20th Century children are functioning through intuition. Intuition is the main thing that will get us through horrible weather. When it is time to pick up our bags and depart, we go to the light because if we wait too long then we will not know when the headlights will be mirrored to us again.

To all my friends… Have a magnificent day, morning, or night.



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