What does discovery means in the 21st century




Discovering our dreams is the last quest left for us.
The light of our soul shines brightly when we think about the lost stories that no one has created yet.  These stories may never be put into play.  Everyone has a story to tell.  However, I am telling my story.  Even if you are not listening. 
The forgotten energy tattle tells whispers of hope in our ears.  I promise to myself that I will not let my dreams be wasted into nothingness.  I hope the universe is listening to my roar.  I hope the universe grips the beats of my heart, and the letters of terror that flow from my finger tips, as tightly as it can.  I’m coming… I might get many let downs.  However, in the process, I will get many smiles, and meet many good people.  You might not believe in them, but I believe my nightmares are a gift from heaven.  So you can call me nightmare man.  Remember to look for the man holding the flickering light bulb when you are scared, searching for the keeper’s gate in the blackness.  It will be me.  I will bring you where you belong.  I will take you home.

Author, Daton L. Fluker

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