Private Kisses

Private Kisses
By Daton L. Fluker

July 10, 2016

You see the trash in the streets? Look away girl. Turn the other cheek because no one will pick it up; my broken heart.

Have you forgotten the promise? Our past aggressions keeps us from our destinies if we let it. I am worthy. But yet, I need some time to rest.

The world is ours baby. I know my wealthy angel is ready to love me. However, I need a vacation and a bunch of kisses to sooth my nervous system.

I’m turning into slush. I’m lost in time. I want to forget, nevertheless, I can’t because I want to be good.

I’m on Mars. I’m sitting on a sandy table drinking tea on Pluto. I’m jogging around Saturn rings. I’m getting cream from the Milky Way.

My imagination is shining like Sirius–the most luminous star in the sky?

However, don’t forget about the shit that grows in the dark. Don’t forget about us.

My truth is not yours to obey. I am a piller of supposed to be lies that you turn your cheek to because I use to be worthy of your grace.

We bear the weight of our actions, which follows us like shadows. The more we dwell on our actions, the more darkness grows.

Don’t forget that I am Daton, the one they forgot to hug. The outcast. The forgotten song. The darkest magic. The lost American.

You don’t get me do you? I deeply apologize. Yet, fill my head with knowledge. Please me until my heart is contempt; until you see heaven in me.

How could I know the world was so big filled with candy canes?

A beautiful female is a silent song I loved so much. She’s gone so fast. She blew like dust.

Raise my cock and you’ll have something nice to sit on. Raise my understanding, and you’ll have my heart and cock to raise.

Young beautiful brown eyed girls will make you fall to your knees and please them.

Her screams subsides. Grabbing my head and pulling it closer; I felt the bed shimmer. Her back tighten. Her tonsils grew dry.

She’s more sweeter than coolaid. And her booty stacks perfectly in bundles like hay. It’s an explosion of darkness and day.

When she glances at me, a nightmare she sees.

My darling dear. My un-announced lover is nostalgic for a past that she sees through rose-colored glasses.

Wake me up with cock kisses. Put me to sleep with forehead kisses. Tease me with nipple kisses. And love me with tongue kisses.

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