Divinity Calls Me by Daton L. Fluker



Divinity Calls Me

By Daton L. Fluker



Terror has been living inside me.

A voice calling for my innocence

I am neither child of man nor beast.

Someone is watching me.

I look behind me and I see only my shadow.

Is it, I or is it a stalker?

Iterations of heaper tones tear my eyes out.

My heart has been broken and given a small immunity.

Aggression lives within me

Silence supports me in a world of noise.

Sociality is what has been given to the long terms of disposition within us.

A Tyrant slithers into your blood.

Changing you into integrated dust

I hear the monster in me, I witness what he can do.

Hell implemented horror in my soul.

Skeletons sit in my cupboard empowering more hatred of

I and no other creature who walks the thresholds of Earth.

Can you see what I am?

My piers drive me to be me because in their reality, I am what they see and that is me.

Do you not know what an implemented thought is?

It is what the ungenerous crowded persuaded mass of bastards think of you.

Your mind is an etherification of Sadness and announced songs or a poetic suborder

A dream is an implemented thought that entertains hormones

Sexuality gay rational relationships are portended to be a definition of it

A tool to be given to you in works of art

That is what implemented thought means you fool entertainment.

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