Daton L. Fluker’s Biography

Novelist, Daton L. Fluker 

Date of Birth: February 26, 1979 

Daton L Fluker was born in Louisiana’s capital city, Baton Rouge, at Earl K. Long Memorial Hospital. A titan born from the indignities of a father he never met, and a hard working mother that never gave up hope. His step father also never gave up hope and taught him many useful skills while he was growing up.

Louisiana is popular for its folklore, music and down to earth cooking. 

He grew up in a land of talent but there were not that many promoters in that land of talent.

He is the oldest of six siblings, three sisters and two brothers. They grew up in a two bedroom house with one kitchen and one bathroom. They transformed the living room into a bedroom. The doors were thin and when people have big mouths like theirs, you can pretty much hear all the gossip about each others lives. 

There is no sort of privacy growing up in a household with so many sisters and brothers. It was very hard to do homework because no one kept their mouths shut and most of the time they were fighting like cats and dogs. Every sister and brother fights.

He hated going to school because every year he had a fight with a gang of neighborhood boys. Street brawls congregated every year outside at the bus stop.

He became accustomed to fighting and had a lot of anger built up inside of him.

He made himself stop being so aggressive by remembering and repeating these simple words, “I must work hard and carry myself well. Life doesn’t mean anything if I am locked up or don’t have any money. Sometimes you got to stop and grab yourself or you might drift away.” 

Daton got it together.  He stopped believing in violence and hate. It was just crazy how many brawls he was apart of , and for no apparent reason.

 Kids from many different areas of Louisiana hated their way of life, and most of them dropped out of school because of pressures at home. The world became cold during the years of Junior high school. The future looks slim for most of the neighborhood kids.  Sixty percent of Louisiana’s future burned in the fires of Hades.

In 1993 at the age of 14 his eyes opened up about the world around him. From 1993 to 2006, Louisiana’s rate of detained and committed youth in custody was 149 per 100,000 youth ages 10-15, compared to the national rate of 125 per 100,000 youth. Two-thirds of youth in custody in Louisiana are non-violent offenders. These are children whose needs could be more effectively met through a continuum of community-based services, including mental health and special education services. 

Prostitution had taken a horrible toll on the abandoned state. Young girls fell into the arms of their nightmares. The streets became filled with gang bangers and hustlers, children who only wanted a way to survive. Jobs were scarce and education for the youth fell bad. Suicide rates rose in Louisiana past the 30,000s, which grew higher each year. 

For the most part, he had a lot of good times with his family. They were tight and still are. They loved each other. No matter if it was ghetto love or not, the family will remember each other as the loud country Folk that lived on 1690 Stanacola Dr. in Scotlandville Baton Rouge, Louisiana. 

Daton is a trust worthy person who believes in having healthy strong relationships with friends and family. He worked as an English Instructor in Japan for several years. Now he is enrolled in college for Industrial Engineering and Project Management.

Daton L. Fluker says, “I think it’s a pretty cool job, and I am happy doing it, but I’d be happy if you threw me off a cliff everyday for a job.”

His pass time activities are kick boxing, writing, rapping and karaoke. You can catch some of his latest works at https://horrorwriterdkw.wordpress.com/. 

 Daton wants to be in the entertainment field. He would like to be an actor some day, even do a feature film with Warner Bro, Dream Works or some other big company that would enjoy new talent. 

Entertainment is something that when you do it, it should be from the soul. What he creates is magnificent. Even if it is writing a novel or rapping a song, it is something he creates soulfully and he hopes that others will like it. But he knows that like every other entertainer there will always be someone that doesn’t like him as well as many that do. 

Mr. Fluker landed his first real job at the well known grocery store, Winn Dixie. He worked as a stock clerk during high school. With working and going to school he pushed himself to the limits. He also worked as a landscaper with his step dad. 

At the age of twenty he joined the military. He served his country Dec 1999 to August 2004 in the United States Marine Corps. Those were the hardest days of his life. He always stayed drunk and he caught a disease called Ankylosing spondylitis, a worst case scenario of arthritis. Now he is subject to waking up in cold sweats from time to time and his joints blister in pain.

He pushed himself to a unique boundary. The only thing he became accustomed to was violence. He never played sports in school. Basically, he gave up on life. He had good friends in the Marine Corps but he could never save money and had turned into a stone-cold alcoholic. 

Alcoholism was bad for him, because most of the male figures in his family were alcoholics. One day he just decided life was hard, and that he shouldn’t waste it in the bottle. He looked in the mirror and saw this 23 year old worthless fat slob who was only looking forward to a party on the weekend. That moment in time he got a hold of his life. He completely stopped drinking and never picked up the bottle again. Well, on special occasions he throws one or two back. 

Smoking was a little harder to stop but that is another story.

After the Marine Corps, life turned into a big mess. He went back home August 2004. His parents were doing badly. He gave them some money and worked there for a year. If he could have found a better job he would have stayed in Louisiana for the rest of his life. Jobs are scarce, and everyone dispised looking for them. He decided to go back to Japan where he had been before.

He lived in Yokohama, Japan for a while and in 2013 he moved back to Louisiana to go to Collge.  “Finished Cries” is his first short story. He also written  “Substance God’s Hell Fairy” and “Death Keeper’s Biological Wasteland.” 

He and a business associate Yvonne J Miller have written a screen play together called “Speaks of Shadows.

Planning to never drink heavily again, Mr. Fluker stays in shape. He is also a college student. Some people would probably read this and say, “Man you are doing too much stuff.” However, the world is changing and most people in it are evolving; Daton is going with the flow of things by creating more manuscripts. He loves writing and acting, and plans to do that for the rest of his life. 

We as people must push to higher heights. A saying he always lives by is “If I don’t do it someone else will.” 

 Thanks for reading.

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