Speaks of Shadows Screenplay by Daton L Fluker and Yvonne J Miller

Screenplay Written by Daton L. Fluker and Yvonne J. Miller

Speaks of Shadows


Written by

Daton L. Fluker and Yvonne J. Miller


Michelle Spencer, a teenage girl with a disorder called schizophrenia, has to learn to live in a world filled with arrogance, compassion, and aversion. She’s confused on how to love those who care for her.

Tenderness and kindness from others will give her balance. Robert, Michelle’s abusive father, destroys every passion she ever had. In times of discomfort, Michelle calls for invisible friends, whom help her through terrifying experiences.

Living in a virtual world mixed with reality, Michelle’s kinship with imaginary comrades threatens her survival.

Falling for her first love, who also has schizophrenia, loops Michelle’s life into materializing circumstances.

Michelle is an extremely bright individual. Nevertheless, she is uncommunicative with the people who admire her.

Download Speaks of Shadows from here:


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Author, Daton L. Fluker



  1. Jason Stevens says:

    Im glad to see more brothers gettin into the horror genre. I just got a book from Amazon titled ‘cross my heart and hope to kill’ and I was shocked that it was wriyten by a black man. Big ups bro we need more writers like you

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