“How Degradation Kills Love” written by Daton L. Fluker





“How Degradation kills Love”
written by Daton L. Fluker

Hate me my beauty, and I will hate you. Forever is forever.
People stop loving you after a while. That’s what hurts the most.
Those who do nothing shall witness a kingdom rise.
Those who stay shall progress.
Those who leave shall be lost and buried under innovation.
Darkness came after love left.
It was the beginning and the ending. Our shadows are the only thing that sustains truth after all.
They become meek. They say “the balloon blows away hard. You’ll explode just to be touched.”
But no one ever comes to help with your sensual desires.
The 2014 man says “I did not want to comfort her.
When I needed beauty to comfort me she left me cold.
Leave I say! Then I did not need beauty anymore.”
Things that are torn ain’t dead nor worn.
Sow it with needles, and mend it with patches, or open your dreams and break the latches.
When I was ready for her, her beauty was lost.
“You are not ready for me” she said.
Buildings ashes in flames, dead bodies powder the streets.
“I love my country.”
A phrase that can destroy an entire epic era if what you state is not true.
Maybe you are too commensurable to be loved.
Baby, no one can love you if you believe that you are too exquisite to be taking serious.
The fire that expands through your body when someone touches you; how can you delete that from your essence–from your existence?
I’m weak, but my friend, love is free. So is meat.

Nightmares shine on me. I burn in heat. I go forward for I am beast.
I call out to her. The dark one is better seen in flashing lights. Once nightmares are gone, only the final hour exist.
And who am I to say I love you, to say I care. I am nothing. I’m only the muse. I’m a horror novelist with no ability to control my feelings.
How can I adore something so precious and beautiful when I have a mind full of darkness, treachery and hatred?

I’m not suppose to, but I love you.
I am strong, but yet I am weak. I cried when you said, “No you can’t love me.”
I’ll become a freak. I promise you, I will never feel again.
It’s right; I speak the truth. I’m rotten because I’m outspoken.
I can make tears fall from your pretty eyes baby-doll because I am corruption.
Your heart divides in pieces. Baby, there’s no way to fill an empty fuel tank after there’s no more stations. Degradation is how it broke.

“Little Worth” written by Daton L. Fluker dedicated to Freddie Mercury


Little Worth written by Daton L. Fluker on August 31, 2010.

Dedicated to Freddie Mercury.

What is this thing that builds and inventiveness but then diminishes away?

Pinus palustris needles bewilders in the forest.

And sadness and hate builds inside the long leaf pine tree.

Life bothers the needles of the tree.

The wind blows green with darken hate.

The ground finds a place for Earth to recap itself.

So does the foundation of life find a way to weld a new garden.

God, I beg you to forgive Adam and Eve and let us venture our souls again.

It’s that one moment that is very sweet to most, but still brutally miserable for others.

Sisters and brothers dream in our garden.

Mothers bear fruit, and the tree of life moves on butchering us fruitfully.

Catch my tears with your rag.

Tape my wounds and whip my ass.

A thousand forever’s forgotten; most are remembered but all is lost.

The most valuable things are given by time.

A kiss a touch and even a smell is given by time.

Appetites grow uncountable.

Greed penetrates kayos.

Art is now captured and not canvassed.

Time tortures dreams but inevitably destroys us.

Nothing is certain not even a perennial source of water.

The emulation to survive has taking away valuable time.

Is this sadness are a regrettable remembrance of forever?


Daton L. Fluker’s Twitter Followers’ Love Letter


Daton L. Fluker’s Twitter Followers’ Love Letter
Written by Daton L. Fluker
February, 6th 2014

Daton’s Twitter
Our time is precious. There is never an end. I’m only a man. Hate me if you like. But remember, we loved each other for one perfect day.
Large masses. They accrete with convection. Daton L. Fluker’s army rises with passion, fear, and heartbeats.
A match is lit. Hot oil sears our caps to ball skin. Our jurisdictions are mocked by shadows. Our skin ashe to flames.
Theirs no more beast to barbecue. Freezing ice fills cabinets. Baby, when I’m gone, castle walls tumble to the sizzling dirt.
Some pirates live with their foot to the metal. The law came to take my looted booty away. Bury me with gold in a hole filled with snakes.
Words use to make men cry. If I made a movie, I would make your tears fall so I can catch them on my shirt. You will always be my heart.
What hurled me more than an open flesh wound than a broken heart, is when I looked into my own eyes and said, I don’t remember who you are.
The gloomy sky rains the end.
Be brave my child. Run with the pack. Affirm your faith you bastard! Hold the sword! Fight for love!
Many don’t believe in the hearts of human beings anymore. But, some of us still listen. Some of us affirm our heartbeats. Some of us love my dear.
I send a broadcast.
I can’t write love letters to a stranger in the sky. When time collapse, our tears shall not be kissed by vicious lips.
How can beauty adore snakes? To you I’m filthier than the worms in your garden. My sweet dears, I don’t deserve it, to touch your skin.
References of the dark; beauty in one shape. Metal forged of flowers. The lost art. The nightmare creation.
I thought we were one. However my friend, when you un-followed me, all roads ended for us.


Halo Written By Daton L. Fluker ps: Donate to Earthquake Victims in Japan



Written by

Daton L.Fluker

Inspired by Beyonce’s version of Halo

It restates over in my mind like a recorded absorbent.

It’s a starving but humble sound.

Ordinances are broken for the core and tension of gravity.

I now know that God built me not to fall to this.

Who will believe the energy if you do not feel it?

The drive burns off roof tops.

Center pieces move to the left and fall off table tops from the blast.

Mountain tops are blown off from the vibrations the sound produces.

The sea dries up, evaporates, and makes rain clouds from the energy of the light.

The minute and hour hand stop as the seconds continue to unfold.

Battles cease and men run to hide from the pinnacles of its voice.

Dreams and birthrights are lost in snow, sleet, and hell from its pollution.

Can you feel the light, can you see the energy, can you hear the Halo?

Streaks of transonic booms slice like laser blades observing the silence.

The night appears like day, and the darkest things we can imagine lie tumbled in its aftershocks.

The color became my favorite color.

Dust from the moon sweeps the sky, while bits and fragments fall to Earth floating on the noise.

Earth has a heart attack from its presence, and the middle stops for a few seconds.

Can you not feel the light, can you not see the energy, can you not hear the Halo?

It is a big brother to us all, and it embraces our wildest imaginations.

Coldness is felt in my skin and an infirm dept has stolen all my coins.

Something tells us to stop but something commands us to go forward.

The energy evicts transistors off their axis.

Thunder hits its walls. However, thunder, rocks, and lava get trapped in its cells and is absorbed in its power.

You will feel the light. You will see the energy, and you will hear the Halo.

You might turn your noise up and walk away from everyone you meet and never speak to the indifferent.

However, you will see the angels. You will not deny the energy, and you will breathe in the Halo.


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Please donate to Earthquake victims in Japan here on Groupon.: http://www.groupon.com/deals/international-medical-corps

Sincerely, Daton L. Fluker

Cristal Carter Beats

Cristal Carter is one of my ongoing Skype cronies, and she has some stupendous talent, which sets her aside from other music artists. She has an uncharted dialect, which she describes fluently in her beats. If you are a music artist struggling to find a Master Beat designer then I highly suggest collabing with Cristal. Young and brilliant, her work and her motivation, to never stop, drives the internal psyche. The resonance of her beats influences creativity. Give it a try and view some samples on her site: www.RocBattle.com/CristalCarter or www.DirtyScopeBeatz.com/CristalCarter.

I sourly believe that artist should continue to grow their abilities by going to school to pursue new objectives. Being more informed will allow an artist to get through resilient times. Even if you have extraordinary talent, the industry is obscene, and will eat your time and patients alive. I believe artist have a better chance at creating their own net-works, along with developing profession suitable to get them through droughts.

Working with young people like Cristal will help mature new talents along with giving many a chance to work with special genius people. Cristal has her own net work of artists, which will explode in the industry.

Time is of the essence, and the world is rousting on new talent. One thing that I developed over the years is my ability to write. I enjoy writing novels and desire to make greater archives. That is two things every company needs, may it be in the music industry, in any advertisement corporations, book companies, or media establishments, they will require good writers, and good music producers. Believe me, not everyone carries these skills. It’s wonderful to have them, and it helps with getting me through my college classes. When working on large projects, patients are a virginity, which will carry you to the other side. However, remember patients isn’t the only thing that will skin the cat. Other things learned in life will be needed on your journey and sometimes other individuals will hold the keys to your success. Work together or work forever.

Have a wonderful day.





PS: Always love Cristal Carter Beats




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