Camelot Dimension 360 Chapter 5


The Long Winter

Written by Author

Daton L Fluker

Flemish Translation done by

Kenyo Wells



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Walking away in the distance toward the direction of the Kingdom of Anthropophagite, the Passing Tory soaks in his own blood, holding his chopped off arm. The wind blows slowly and the coldness soaks into his bones, not seeming to get any better, turning the different levels of his burnt skin into a frost-gel. It’s good for him because the coldness takes some of the pain away.

He has 48-hours of traveling ahead of him, and he’s forced to walk back home without his mask, shirtless, and only his disconnected arm to consume. The nub on his elbow joint is pustule grey. His cut-off-arm will be used as a source of food, and only if he can bear to stomach anything after what has just happened to him.

The Mayor armor steams hot. His forearms are scalded, and his red blood vessels crack through his skin, bleeding out. Even so, he doesn’t pamper his wounds. Getting back to business, the Mayor yells out to his army.


Bring the transporters and pick those weapon’s up! We don’t have all day! We need to begin reconstructing!”

Only a few civilians versus soldiers exist. Even without weapons the army is still over-powering.

Everybody is in miss-belief. The villagers chat among themselves. One of the villagers gets impatient. He screams out.


“We’re still hungry! What shall we eat?”

The Mayor raises his arm pointing toward the sky. He yells.


“Learn to shoot arrows!”

The debate on what to eat causes the Mayor’s three fingered hand to reach out for the part of Minaera that is full of light directly into the stratosphere. Oh, how bright the sky has become. Kindling the rays of light, surfing the clouds with their broad wingspans, colorful birds are sky-bound. In a few more weeks this place will be swarming with animal and plant life. The Mayor directs his attention to some of the workers who are on recess.


You… You… and You! Come with me. The rest of you keep them encircled until we get back!”

The warmth from the sun gives a feeling of tranquility, but only on your right side. On the other part of your body blows, a pygmy wintry gust of air that echoes deep into your chest, slowing your heart beat down. The cold reaches the heart’s flow stopping the natural output of energy.

Taking them toward the cottages, laying sinful in the middle of town, the Mayor’s nerves are edgy. The mud congested bricks on the building has inverted the color into a shade of an unusual brownish-grey. Braised grass seep up from out of the side of the building, giving the first structure an even duller look. What is more contagious to the sight is seeing what’s on the ground near the door. They can see it clearly as they approach closer. A human arm is stuck in a mud puddle. It has been sucked clean, all the way to the bone.

The arm must be a few days old because the tendons between the bones are overflowing with cringing microscopic single-celled organisms, large enough to see with the naked human eye.

Even to the Mayor, who has killed many men in his regiment of command, is sickened by the sight of this. All the years he has spent in the army, nothing could have prepared him for a situation this blown out. How could these individuals change their diets from eating with friends and family to eating each other? The Mayor continues inside.

No one in the village has the tools to make glass so the portals on the walls are covered with grass-woven-panels except for a few windows, which are being used to let moonlight in.

Sections inside are divided with large mud walls. Each of the families has their own sleeping compartment laced with leaves and hay. At the back of the rooms, there are places dug out with heavier stacks of hay and woven sheets of grass on top of them where everyone sleeps. Checking everything out, he can make a mental report about how everyone lives. It is the Mayor’s responsibility to take care of unspoken issues. So far, everything seems fine.

With ken eyes, he trudges through every room. He goes to the back pantry. The sight inside makes a worker throw-up. A man’s body is mutilated in the center of the floor. In this area, everyone gets together to have lunch or evening conversations. Some of his body parts are missing. The villagers must have been eating on him because parts of his face have been bitten off. It’s an enthusiastic prism that keeps the sense of hearing bent-on-ear with a strait crimson makeup. Life is unsettled and the future for Camelot makes no subsequent sense.

Powered By Vision


The impression of the night falls again. The clouds give interference to the sunlight. Having a big feast with roasted duck, long-neck-swans, and some red-meat, the army brought back with them from their journey, the people are enjoying themselves. The Archers in the village are allowed to keep their arrows because a Kingdom under a truce, conversely, needs a way to feed its people.

A confused lady walks between groups of playful villagers. Her clothes are dirty and she has no shoes on. A few of her toes have been frost-bitten to the point, where they have broken off. She carries a wooden-steak. After her stomach was filled with delicious food, she realizes something very awful.

Some of the children play in the crowd like nothing casehardening has ever occurred in the last few months. Bloody images of what several of the villagers and herself had done to her husband; infuse into her thoughts like an uncategorized time bomb.

What unfolded her Insanity?

People, who grew up in the coldness, live on the black side of Minaera. Children who have never seen the light have recess before the start of the new semester. This part of Minaera is cold but not as cold enough to freeze the planet over. It’s snowing outside as usual. A central school situates next to an academy. The central school hosts classes for teenage boys in girls.

The same lady, younger than her previous appearance, sits on the bleachers with some of her friends. They have on long dresses. Her dress is blue and her hair is cutely bowed.

Their eyes are fixed on some teenage boys, who are training outside. The boys are learning to wrestle. It’s a curriculum that all the males in their community have to be accustomed to during their adolescent years.

One of the boys is smaller than the other boys in his age group. This is the way they separate them, not by their weight or height, but by their age. The fighters are embossed inside a circle laminated with white paint around its edges. The rules of the game are to mobilize your opponent. Make them give up by holding them to the ground or put them in salutary restraints.

The young men strip down to nothing except for clothes covering their private parts. Large flambeaus are grounded around the foundation, helping to give off light. They burn night in to night out.

The young man waves at one of the girls sitting in the bleachers. She doesn’t wave back. She is delighted that he waved. However, because of her shyness, she doesn’t have the ability to raise her hand to return the favor.

He thinks she is ignoring him because she has an unflavored facial expression. She sits between three of her friends on the-outstands. They’re having a conversation about the boys frolic play.

The boy steps into the circle. He charges toward the bigger boy without even thinking of a strategy. The smaller boy is angry because Emily never waves at him. He has a really big crush on her.

One of her friends says,


Oh, look at the little mouse. He is so gullible.”

The other boy puts his knee deep into the smaller boy’s chest knocking him back first to the ground. The smaller boy hasn’t given up yet because he doesn’t want to be made fun of in front of the girls on the bleachers.


    “He has a body like a girl. Why doesn’t he just give up? He looks so stupid.”

The bigger boy stomps at the smaller boy snaking on his back. He moves out of the way slithering backward.


Emily what do you think? He is such a loser right?”

The girl who has a crush on the smaller boy name is Emily. She is one of the popular girls in school. Emily replies.


Whatever you say…”

The bigger boy jumps toward the smaller boy, who is still on his back, aiming his knee for his chest. The smaller boy fights for his life. Moreover, he is one of the first boy’s to even try this style of fighting. Before the bigger boy could angle his knee into the smaller boy’s chest, the smaller boy throws his forearms up blocking the soft part of his body.


I hope he kills him.”

All the girls begin to giggle, except for Emily. The smaller boy is on top choking the other boy’s neck, but he wasn’t strong enough to hold him there. The larger boy quickly takes control knocking him backwards.

The smaller boy slithers away on his back. The larger boy jumps on top of him and puts him in an arm bar, the smaller boy tussles with the larger one for a minute. The smaller boy finally gives in.


This is so pathetic. Let’s go. Emily?”

All the girls get up except for Emily. She is amazed about her friend’s courage.


“Emily what are you waiting for? Come on.”

When the first girl called out her name again, Emily immediately responds. She leaves with them. The smaller boy and the larger boy go to the back of their lines waiting for their turn once more.

The smaller boy continues to stare at her as she leaves with the other girls. She smiles at him and when she puts her attention back on her friends, the girls seem to giggle at the same time.

Emily was amazed that the smaller boy could fight like that with someone so tall and strong. However, because of the way she turns away, it makes him believe she was teasing him with her friends. He looks depressed, and stares at the ground.


A few hours have passed. The smaller boy, who was wrestling, is alone in the middle of the darkness. He runs into a large cetaras tree, similar to our Earth’s oak tree except it’s completely white. The boy believes he is alone. Emily usually goes home down the same route every day. She sees him near a flickering flambeau. He doesn’t see her there. In the pitch black, a little farther off away from him, Emily says with a low tone.



Putting her hand on her mouth, she muffles out any other sounds. Aaron clearly didn’t hear her. He raves on about today.


Why doesn’t she wave at me? I adore her ever since I laid eyes on her.”

Emily thinks, “Who could he be talking about?” He did wave at her, and she didn’t wave back. Even so, he could be talking about any of the other girls. Emily continues to listen to him talking to himself. Falling to his knees, Aaron’s shoulders are sore and he’s out of breath from hitting the tree with it this Afternoon. Aaron rants,


I’ll die for her! Why want you even let her wave at me?”

He bows his head to the ground. Emily is confused; she still doesn’t understand who he is talking about. Aaron contends, with a weak tone.



She didn’t hear him say it the first time. He says it a second time raising his head up to the tree.



Emily is sincerely shocked. Stunned about what she has just heard, her heart pumps fast locking her in one position. He screams it out the third time, yelling it to the three moons.



Breaking free of her trance, Emily runs away from him toward the cottages. Aaron hears something. He believes it is a wild animal. Nevertheless, he has no strength left in his body to check. Tears pore out of his eyes.

In Emily’s Room

Emily sleeps in her soft bed. It’s carved from cetaras wood. Everything in her room is white. Lying down next to some stuffed animals, Emily’s hand is on her heart. She gazes out of the window. Candle light brightens up the room giving off a gloomy setting. She has been struck by a cupid’s arrow, not realizing it until she heard him say her name three times. Conversely, she knows now that Aaron has feelings for her.

She thinks to herself.


Oh Aaron. What should we do about this? I believe we’re meant to be together? I just don’t know what I should do when I see you tomorrow. I’m the only Emily in this village. I hope that It was I, the Emily, you were fighting the cetaras tree for.”

She smiles and closes her eyes dreaming about him.

Before Class

Walking down the hall way to class, Aaron avoids touching people because of his sore shoulders. The halls are crowded and the students promenade around there classes creating commotion. Emily enters inside. She was following him to school. He doesn’t see her because he walks with his head down staring at the floor. He certainly didn’t get that much sleep last night because he did have to battle the big white tree. He doesn’t notice her when she comes up behind him. She taps him on the shoulder. Aaron turns around irritated because someone touched him on his tender part. He was about to yell until he sees who it was.



Before he could finish saying her name, she already has her arms around him. She kisses him on the cheek.


    “Bye Aaron. I’ll see you later.”

    Her touch is soft and warm. Her actions turn him into a frozen statue. She goes to her class, but before she leaves him standing in shock, she turns back around and waves. Staring at her, Aaron is literally embarrassed. He can’t wave back. She knows that he is confused, plus his shoulders hurt. This amuses her.

In Between Passes

It has gotten too cold in the village. The Camelot people move away from the older city to the next checkpoint. Cities are usually small and the King moves his people out soon as its cold enough to freeze the seas over. Everybody enjoys themselves on the journey. Some of the children sing, and the soldiers converse with their family members, not paying enough attention to their surroundings.

The Camelots travel on a trail between a mountain and a black forest. What the people don’t understand is that an enemy army has been watching them for hours from the top of the mountain-pass.

The Lord and his wife are in the royal cart at the front. Emily and Aaron are older now. They hold hands, walking together in the middle of the crowd. Prince Matchbox rides his horse in the front of the formation. This route is usually fine. For many years their ancestors traveled across these roads without any short comings, except for today. The Mayor a lot younger from his previous state screams out.


Everybody… Run into the forest!”

Arrows from the top of the mountain rain down on them. Some of Camelots people lie in the road with arrows stuck in their bodies. The wounded are reaching out to the others but everybody else runs for his or her life.

More arrows fall down. A man, who reaches for his wife, drops his hand when an arrow goes through his head sticking in the ground propping it up. His eyes never close.

Some workers put down the royal taxi and help the Queen and Lord into the forest. The people, who have escaped the shower, run into an unexpected trap. Barbarians wait for them in the grove. They come out clubbing the people. The Hero screams out to the swordsmen, who are watching the mountain tops from the edge.


“Behind you…”

Jumping off his horse, the hero runs after the Barbarians, who are enjoying their surprise attack. The Hero throws his sword into one of their heads splitting it in half. The Swordsmen catch on to what’s happening. Everything is proceeding to fast. The swordsmen run into the forest behind the Hero. The Camelot archers put their attention on the Barbarians in the woods. They shoot arrows at them. However, the Barbarian Archers on the mountain tops have an advantage. They shoot at the Camelot Archers wounding their attack point. An arrow from a Camelot soldier’s bow goes through the back of one of the barbarians, who is racing behind the Hero. The Barbarian falls to the ground.

Retrieving his sword the Hero progresses toward the battle. Swords cling together and arrows fly into the trees between sections. One of the swordsmen has been encircled by Barbarians. However, he is saved by a group of Camelot Warriors now fighting back with axes. The Hero screams.


Push them back! Get our people away from the mountain pass!”

An arrow pierces through his shoulder, but he carries on the quarrel, not flinching about the pain. The Camelot archers maintain their position, still getting shot at with arrows by the Barbarians from the Mountain top. With the collaboration of the swordsmen, horsemen, and warriors, the Camelot army drives the Barbarians away from the people.

Scattered about in unclear sections, the Camelots and their families might not make it. The Barbarians are also clustered in the woods with them. The Camelot people begin to call out their family member names. Emily is by herself screaming to the top of her lungs.


Aaron! Where are you?”

A gigantic man comes from out of the woods. He was listening to her screams with an arrow puncturing into his left leg.


No…No…. Stay away from me! Someone, help me!”

Emily ran too far in the woods. Everyone calls someone’s name. The noise from the crowd drowns her out. The big Barbarian approaches toward her with his ax raised in the air. However, before the ax hits her face, Aaron grabs it.

He yells at her.



    The big Barbarian grabs Aaron’s neck with his huge hand. It wraps around it immediately crushing his windpipe.

Before Emily leaves, she grabs the arrow that is stuck in the Barbarians leg and pulls it out. His grip loosens and he screams.



Getting an adrenaline rush, the Barbarian kicks Aaron in the chest knocking him backwards into the dark. The Barbarian tries to stump him. However, Aaron blocks the Barbarian’s huge knees, by using his forearms as a shield.

The Barbarian raises his ax and slams it down into the dirt. Aaron snakes on his back out of the ax’s path. The ax sticks in the mud. While the Barbarian tries to pull it out, Aaron jumps on his back. Aaron is on top of him choking him out. The Barbarian falls to the ground like a blob of antiseptic jell when Aaron breaks the Barbarian’s neck.

Screaming out.


Emily! Stop running! Come back its safe now!”

She hears him and replies.


“I’m coming.”

She turns around and runs back toward his direction.


Inside a mud-cottage, Emily and Aaron are in their room. They are newlyweds, and everything seems fine as usual, except for a few small mystifications. Everyone is dressed in rags. The people in the cottage haven’t taken a bath since the last confrontation with the army in the woods. It has been almost three years now. Everyone, who is still loyal to the Lord, pretends not to be loyal because there just isn’t that many of them. The Dukes have hired a Passing Tory to make their cravings go away. Anyone who doesn’t eat the chef’s cuisine is picked first to be thrown on the grill, or in the pot of boiling water.

Both Aaron and Emily sit tense in the corner of their room. Everybody has small portions of stew made from human flesh. You only get a bowl a day. However, that still isn’t enough to fill their raging appetites. It’s like a dream, Emily is delusional and she can’t control her actions. She says to him.



He tries to calm her down.


Shhh. Keep your voice down. Here you can have the rest of mine.”

He hands her his portion of the stew. She rudely takes his bowl and swallows it down without even thinking about the taste.


Some of us will leave here tonight. I want you to come with us. We’ll try to find food and shelter in the next district.”

Emily isn’t listening to him. She is delusional speaking only lunacy because of the hunger boiling in her stomach.


    “Shut up! You are a man! Find a way to feed your wife! I’ll kill you, I swear!”

She has something in her hand. He sees what it is. He tries talking her out of it.


Now honey put the knife down. We can get through…”

Before he finishes his sentence, Emily jams the knife into his chest. He gets up trying to run from her. Everybody can see from out of their stalls. They have no doors. Someone yells out.


He’s bleeding!”

More people follow behind them. They all go into the pantry room. Aaron falls to his back and Emily puts his head into her lap. He and she stare into each other eyes. Emily is not staring with love. She’s stares through the eyes of a mad animal. When he believes she’s going to kiss him, she bends down and bites a piece of his jaw off. Exhausted from bleeding out, his heart stops. More people with knives come in. They cut portions of him off.


Standing on top of the hill, the Mayor watches everyone having fun for the first time in ages. He gazes down at a group of men wrestling. The Camelot people need some type of break. The Mayor enjoys watching them laugh and play because it reminds him, of how they use to have fun during PT lessons when they were children. A young girl runs by the men wrestling. When he glances at the girl passing by that is when he sees Emily. His heavy voice screeches out over the loud singing.


Stop her!”

Everyone freezes. It’s Emily’s signal to stick the wooden steak into her heart. When she does it begins to rain.

Emily and Aaron’s Funeral

The rain pours down. The Mayor finally had gotten the truth of what happened to Emily and her husband Aaron from one of the villagers. There’s no way he can punish anyone for this crime. The alibi was that everyone was addicted to eat. Both Aaron and Emily are buried in the same grave. Until death do us-part?

One at a time the villagers put rocks on their grave to be used as tomb stones. No one wants to move. They are soaking wet. Everyone stares at the grave. They will remember this day. It will be there forever nightmare.



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