She will never Love us Anymore… Written by Daton L. Fluker

She will never Love us Anymore…
Written by Daton L. Fluker

Your retardiness loses overtime from my sharpness. Don’t let these Baton Rouge niggas get it twisted. I’m the king of darkness.
Infamous me…
Fear guides the masses.
It’s a magical circumference I had to walk mixed with the ingenuity of my broken heart.
You’d forgive me if you knew my struggle. “Why would I be forgiven?”
Maybe… Who understands how the world works?
Don’t act strong when you’re broken and no good no more. Don’t be sad and gone forever. Be unbreakable, but when it’s time, be it. Own broken.
It is written that the night is filled with passion. But my night is filled with the horror of adorable you.
Unprecedented growth. They can’t stop us. We are forever. We are on fire. We are here.
When reality and dreams collide with virtuality, a brain virus occurs.
Now his heart strings or broken because of words. You forgotten my dark angel. Rise my love. It’s becoming of me to need you.
Can a statement be as beautiful as a picture, or forgotten as a picture? “She holds her with a nightmarish rage and loves her with heaven.”
When they have forgotten about us, who do we become after that? The answer is simple. We become chocolate eaters.
And the gay angel told me, “Why am I being punished for not being straight? Constantly being hit on by guys is punishment.”
I told her, “Because you are beautiful. I might not be your first choice. But, I swear, I am a great choice. I don’t pretend to be someone I’m not. I’m always going to be forever Daton.
Let darkness feed our rage.
Light shall guide our way.
When I am alone, I will not fear the abyss.
I will climb it’s broken-glass walls.”
I’ll say it in a different way,
“If the heart’s broken, no one loves the same again. Don’t try to fix broken. Own it.”
Growth excels if you do it one by one…. Well, unless you have better tools for it then you can do it 10 by 10.
No one has pity for a drug sub. You will get the good D. No… I will not wake you when it’s over. I will give you more drugs and drive it in your asshole deeper.
That’s why I’m a flickering star. Words affect us, and I have a thousand & more words just for you.
It’s not me you see. It’s my heart beats you see. Do you know why stars burn bright? Because we are forever fuelled from our cores!
In order to have a love child, he and she must make love.
It’s 2014, and the hatred held in by others still can’t stop supernovas.
We flicker. But, darkness always finds us. Nevertheless, our ashes burn with the energy of stars. We grow.
For those who sleep as humans; close your eyes. We lose her for a few hours. Internally, she fines us during a solar eclipse. Our night.
Why can’t we keep our beautiful night. It’s daylight, and she’s gone. Do we have to become a vampire to have her for more than 13 hours?
My devil angel. I dream of your sand paper wings and your soft black skin; lips as soft as pillows, and a tongue as leathery as reptilian’s pelt.
How can we rule or love them? “Who?” The shadows…
The horde wants us to speak a certain way. But words are filling me with destructive thoughts.
Here is a kiss to my beautiful lady; whoever you are come save us from these nightmares.
Daniel “I love you with every breath, with every beautiful word created. Please, marry me.”
Alice: “No! I can never love you because I’m gay.”
How can you stop a monster from growing when you don’t know which color cryptonit to use on its power? Stress relievers ain’t good all the time. Sometimes you have to let the D rest or it will be soft when you get ready to fuck.
The world is full of dark magic. When the morning came, they wanted us to grow. But when the night came, they warned us to close our eyes.




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