Camelot Dimension 360 Chapter 6


The Long Winter

Written by Author

Daton L Fluker

Flemish Translation done by

Kenyo Wells



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What Happened During the Battle in the Woods?

The Camelot army has just gotten word to where the enemy’s camp is located. Planning another attack, the barbarian’s archers take two positions. They shadow on the west side of the mountain top. The field-fighters are in the grove of the forest waiting until the Marks’ Kingdom passes.

Just like the people of Camelot, who had to move its people from out of the coldness, Marks Kingdom is in the exact same situation. J. Martin, the Lord of the Marks, is well informed of the battle because of the reports his spies made. What little do the savages know about the jackals pretending to be civilians in their village?

The Barbarian’s flabbergasted attack will pivot into destruction. Lord J. Martin has left his people safe in a protected area, 20 miles behind the woods. Only he in his army will meet the Barbarians for battle.

Battle in the Grove

One thousand Barbarians wait for Lord J. Martin to bring his people into the open trench. The valley seems calm. However, what the Barbarians don’t understand is that 200 warriors, 400 swordsmen, 230 horsemen, and 300 workers in the Camelot army wait for them to show themselves on the other side of the forest. The Camelots circle them so they won’t escape the wrath of the Marks’ Army, only a minute now. The Barbarians hear horse trots. They arm themselves with their weapons. Most of them are dressed in animal furs. Their weapons are made from carved wood and stone. Some of them have rusty homemade swords. The bigger men have large iron axes.

An Archer Roast

Planning to go forward on an attack on the Mark’s kingdom, archers from the Barbarian army hide in a secret area at the top of the mountain. The archers are not on their guard today because they believe they are invincible.

What other armies would be insane enough to go into the cold darkness of the mountains? What they have forgotten is that no man is unconquerable. When someone wants their revenge on you then they would go into a simmering hot volcano after it, or if they are desperate enough, they will sacrifice their lives just to get his or her fingernails engulfed into your skin. One hundred Barbarian archers are on the mountain top, but none of them have taken notice of the Camelot Archers lesser than a hundred yards away.

The Barbarians sit in an open area basting under the harbor of the moonlight. The Barbarian-archers have made a terrible mistake. They are in an open space unbarred like human dart boards. Some of them plot on rocks. A few lie on the ground, and others have conversations while they fancy back and forth.

Several of them sleep in woven-blankets. Like the black forest, the mountain range is covered with white, black, and red trees hidden like nightmares, grabbing out to you with their expired branches.

    The reason the Camelot Archers have gotten to this point is because of the spies who infiltrated into the Barbarian’s village. The wild life is either hibernating, migrated east, or died off because of the cold weather.

A man sitting on a rock rubs his head. A Camelot-archer stalks him. The archer aims a bow toward the man’s direction. The man and his friend converse on their day. Well, his friend is talking. The man seems to be tired. The Barbarian-archers are warned out from the long trip up the mountain in the cold weather. The Archer pulls his cord link, stretching it to shoot further than the distance he has to overcome.

Before the man can put his towel back into his breast pocket, he is on the ground wiggling on his back. An arrow spears through his esophagus tube not allowing him to yell for help. The Camelot Archer times his attack correctly with accurate attention to detail. Even the man’s friend sitting beside him continues to talk. The talkative man didn’t notice that his friend wasn’t there anymore. The hurt man tries to pull the arrow out of his neck, so he could warn the others. When his talkative friend turns to look at him, he believes that he has been talking to himself all this time. Until he notices the man pulling the arrow out of his neck, but before he can really make out what happened it’s too late. He instantly drops to the dirt. An arrow goes through his eye socket all the way through the back of his head.

More arrows fly in the barbarian’s direction, smoking them out like a swarm of scattering ants. Several of them try to run for their weapons. However, they get arrows stuck into their backs, legs, arms, and hands. Warm blood steams on the icy range mixing in with the rotten shrubbery.

The oppositions have fallen. A few of the bodies shake on the ground running out of life’s energy, but others die quickly. Only one barbarian archer is left standing. He is pent to a tree with an arrow stuck into the palm of his hand.

Struggling to free himself, he rips his hand into two pieces, screaming out loud. However, that still wasn’t enough to alarm the barbarian army in the forest. A Camelot Archer shoots his arrow. The arrow drives through the barbarian’s mouth, dragging his tongue into the hard bark on the tree. Ultimately, they have been polished off. The Camelot Army takes their position.


Suspecting help from the barbarian archers at the top of the mountain, arrows fall but only in one direction–into the forest. Most of the barbarians are hidden behind trees, but those out in the open get hit first. Bleeding out onto the cold snowy foliage, their bodies fall to the ground in numbers of ten. Raising his hand to the Archer’s at the top, Lord J. Martin orders them to stop firing.

The Barbarians flee into the shadows. As soon as they escape into a different pass, the Camelot’s Hero rides his horse toward them. He’s chopping off their heads. The Camelots wait for them to come out into the open. The rest of the Army reappears from behind the trees. The Hero screams.


Kill them all!”

The men begin to battle. A larger barbarian stands in the middle, commanding his wounded forces to move forward. A Camelot’s swordsman reaches their position first.

The Commander swings his long battle ax at the swordsman. The swordsman blocks the blow with his metal-shield then sticks his iron-sword into the commander’s thigh. The commander is more than 300 pounds of muscle. Retaliating by swinging his battle ax into the swordsman’s ankle, the commander screams in scrutinizing pain.



The Commander stumps the swordsman face in, cracking his skull like a grape.


“Het is een val! Vecht terug!”

The barbarians back away, trapping themselves in a circle. The Mark’s swordsmen stab them off. The barbarians are lunatics; some of them are sacrificing their lives to pull some of the lingering swordsmen into their closing web. The Hero jumps off his horse heading for the Commander. However, he doesn’t notice the barbarian with the rigid copper-ax approaching his blindside. He swings the ax hitting the hero’s hand, which is wrapped around the handle of his sword. Instantly, the hero drops his sword.

Three of his fingers have been chopped off. He falls to his knees grabbing his hand not paying attention to the battle. He quickly comes to his senses when he hears one of the Marks’ soldiers yelling.


“Watch out!”

He sways out of the way. The copper ax misses his head. The hero runs into the barbarian, knocking him to the ground. Now he has the advantage. Moreover, he sticks his other fingers in the Barbarian’s eyes. The stubs bleed out in his face. Spitting the remains on to the ground, the hero bites the man’s nose off.

Another Barbarian approaches him with a stone hammer elevating it over his head. Right before the Barbarian slams it, he rolls out of the way grabbing his sword. He’s on his back using it as a shield. The second slam is blocked. However, it breaks the sword in half. The broken end sticks into the ground near his face slicing into his jaw.

The Hero kicks the man in the kneecap. His knee caves in. Hopping back to his feet, the hero sticks the sword into the Barbarian’s lungs pulling it up. It cuts his wind out. The Barbarian drops his hammer. Pulling the sword out, the hero kicks him to the cold dirt.

    He heads toward the Commander. The Barbarians back into a diminutive circle. Some of them drop their weapons, but others continue to fight.

The leader doesn’t stop. He bashes fearlessly, while his regiment slowly slips into extinction. The more his men pan out, the more the Barbarian Commander is finding his gruesome fate. Using his battle ax, he blocks an incoming attack. Too many opposing members approaching them; a swordsman, who has stolen a position behind him, sticks his sword into the Commander’s kidney.

The Commander doesn’t show a reaction to the deadly blow. Instead he retaliates knocking the swordsman back with a tremendous force that he takes out three other men standing behind him. The commander body gradually weakens. Propping himself up with his battle ax, he falls to one knee. More swordsmen move closer. Nevertheless, the Commander believes he is doomed until he hears someone yell out.


Leave him!”

The hero walks toward his direction. They stare at each other. With a closer view of the Commander, you would see that his face looks torn up and wrinkled. In a far off distance if someone would guess his age, he or she would say he was about 40, but up close he looks to be in his 100s.

They begin to have a conversation speaking in a strange language, which neither the Marks army nor any of the Camelot’s soldiers could understand.

Reasoning Session

The old commander reaches out to him shivering, his hands shakes vigorously.”


Leith Erickson. Weet je niet meer wie ik ben?”

The hero sticks his sword in the dirt wiping the blood from his face.


Vader ik ben een echt wrak! Alstublieft ik ga u niet vermoorden! Je moet stoppen met vechten!”


Ik kan dit gevecht tegen u niet stoppen! Het is mijn plicht tot mijn koninkrijk om tegen jouw soort te vechten! De mensen waar jij voor werkt zijn dezelfde die je moeder vermoordt hebben!”

    They are shouting at each other.


Zij hebben dat niet gedaan! Je moet stoppen met iedereen de schuld te geven! Het is mijn plicht tegenover de mensen van Camelot om ze te beschermen. Alstublieft, vader stop met vechten!”


Ik ben trots op je zoon; dat je zo vergevingsgezind bent! Je doet me zo hard aan je moeder denken! Ik kan niet geloven wat ik nu zie! Je moet mij en de rest van die mannen doden!

(raising his hand toward his men)

Nadat ik jullie beiden verloren had, werd ik een slecht man, en ik ben deel van hun broederschap! Ik heb kinderen verkracht, vrouwen vermoordt en dorpen platgebrandt! Ik gaf de zoektocht naar jou op! Maar het is merkwaardig, ik heb je eindelijk teruggevonden! Alstublieft leg me te slapen zodat ik bij je moeder kan zijn in het andere leven!”


Vader; laat me dit niet done!”


Het is jouw plicht als soldaat! Doe het nu!”

The hero pulls his broken sword from out of the ground.



He pushes himself up and throws his battle ax to the ground.


Wat is er vader?”


Herriner je je favoriete beweging nog welke ik je graag zag doen tegen die idioten?”


Ja dat herriner ik me pa!”


Laat me dat alstublieft opnieuw zien! Vaarwel zoon! Onthoud; Ik zal altijd van u en je moeder houden!”


Vaarwel pa en ik zal altijd van jou en haar houdenn!”

The Hero is originally left handed. However, since a very young age he has been working in the Camelot army. The army and all the fighting he has experienced modified his fighting style. Everybody watches him staring at the ground. The fighting dies out. The barbarians, who surrendered, are on their knees out of breath with their hands behind their heads.


Doe het nu!”

The hero runs toward him jumping in the air doing a 360 backspin chopping off his head.

Extended Respect

The sun is shining brightly. A younger version of the large Commander, who the hero killed, looks to be in his twenties or early thirties. He’s wearing animal fur, and his complexion is more unstained. He looks happy.

The hero is 12-years-old. He is farther away from the Commander on the otherwise of an obstacle course made from cut down trees. Their people live brutal lifestyles. At a young age the boys and girls are trained to fight with no form of rules using their spirit to guide them through battle. They don’t believe in the kingdom of Trilyonois or the Black Kingdom as the other warriors on this world.

These barbaric people religion is similar to the hypothesis of reincarnation. They want to die in gruesome deaths because if they do then they will be able to come back to Minaera to do battle once again with their most hated enemies. Most want stop fighting until they’re dead.

The Commander calls out,


Leith Erickson! Kom op zoon! Maak de Erickson’s trots! Sneller deze keer!” -Translation from this point on!- “Leith Erickson! Come on son! Make us Ericksons proud! Faster this time!”

The Hero name is Leith Erickson. He is named after a famous myth from human stories long ago. They say that an alien race had brought a man and a woman from Earth, a place that has never been proven to exist before. A distant time ago a man and a woman was supposedly storytellers, who told stories about their homeland.

They told people a story about a strong warrior name Leith Erickson. His clan was considered to be a mythological creature called a Viking. His story has been passed down for generations. When Leith was born, the Commander wanted one of the strongest names for his son, so he named him after the Myth.

Leith is on a wooden platform, which is tied between three large cetaras trees 10ft in the air. He is shirtless. The sun blazes sweat rolls down Leith’s body. He does a frontward flip off the platform landing on his feet. He runs to a woven net connected between two large post dug into the ground approximately 11-meters high.

Like a monkey, he quickly climbs upward, slinging his body weight to the brim of the net. A problem occurs at the top. He always gets his big feet stuck inside the net slowing him down. However, he stays mighty, springing across to the other side.

Manmade canals filled with mud are between 20-large-logs two meters apart. Leith runs then jumps on one then another and another, until he hops to the other side.

He has to do battle with eight human-size-dolls stuffed with hay. He passes one of the dolls slicing it in the stomach. He cuts at the wooden board under the other one pretending to cut off its leg. He stabs one in the heart and slices off the other one’s arm. Four more left.

He pounces up on one of the hay men, sticking the wooden sword into its cotton shirt. He falls down tearing out its insides. He progresses forward. With his open hand, he punches the one on the left in the stomach then slices the other one in the neck. He back stabs the left one in its kidneys. One more left.

He jumps toward it doing a 360 backspin, chopping off its head.

His father seems proud.


You were really slow, but you did an amazing job this time! Next time fall to one knee when slicing into someone’s leg! It’ll give you more power and protect you from hurting your back. That is the key!”

He puts his arm around Leith’s shoulder.


Let’s go back home and get something to eat! I’m starving! I’ll race you!”

His father takes off running. For a huge man, he is pretty quick. Leith follows behind him.


Dad, you cheater. Stop!”

They race toward an affective empire hidden from other advance kingdoms in the area. Once a Barbarian population gets too full, some of its people leave and begin their own kingdoms. Right now this one is fairly new. Just like the rest of this world, they have to move to different checkpoints during the long heartless forever night. Its summer now; the people are enjoying themselves. The forest is green and the animal life is plenty for all to eat. Leith and the Commander go inside their home.


Their cottages are large log cabins designed to hold up to eight-hundred families. The entire area is surrounded by a large wooden fence. Just like a regular Kingdom, to get inside, a person would have to enter through the front-gate. During certain hours, the gate is closed to give protection against enemy attackers, while the barbarian’s army rests. They are in a three-bedroom-apartment inside one of the units inside a cottage. His mother is graceful and slim. She makes dinner.

Just like the men, the women are considered equals. The women have a choice to become soldiers in the army or take care of the young.

She acts crazy most of the time. However, this is why Leith’s father loves her. In comparison to him and her, her body build is truly small. Nevertheless, she stands 6-feet tall. Leith’s father stands 7-feet and 7-inches tall.

He and his father sit at the kitchen table. They wait until Leith’s mother dress the table with edible delights. She smokes a large three-hundred-pound hog. There isn’t a pan big enough to put the hold thing in, so she carries it from the smoke house on her back. When she enters into the kitchen, she slams the hog on the table. Salty slush is all over her body. His father says,


“Woman you are nasty! You should go take a shower!”

He speaks with an exaggerated heavy tone. This is where Leith gets it from.

Leith laughs at his father’s joking. The both of them smile at each other. His mother is upset at them. She slaps Leith in the head.


Now don’t you go laughing at what your father said…? Can’t you see he is crazy?”

Her voice is also heavy.

Leith quickly catches his baring.


Yes maim.”

She goes over to his father and sits in his lap staring deep into his eyes.


Now, for you, don’t go making your son laugh at his mother! You know I can hurt both of you, right?”

He replies,


Dam woman, Come here! You are so fine!”

He pulls her close and licks the slush from her neck. She pushes him away and says,


Now not in front of your son dear. There’ll be plenty of that for tonight.”

    She gives him a big kiss on his lips. She stands up then sits down next to him. Pulling a boot knife from her boot, she stabs it in the hog cutting her a piece off. She eats her portion of the hog. Sticking the knife into the table, she almost hits her husband’s hand.

The Commander is angry,


You ungrateful woman! You know there isn’t a bad word strong enough for you my dear!”

She politely replies,


Shut up you lucky bastard and eat your food! You should be grateful for that!”

The Commander shakes his head and pulls the knife from the table. He cuts a piece off, handing it to Leith. Leith is amused about his mother because she isn’t like the other ladies in the village. Instead of giving her child or husband servings first, she always takes the first bite. Leith giggles because of the way his mother eats. She tears into it like she has never been fed before.

His father cuts himself a slice. He eats.

Leith’s Mother and Father have a conversation.


I’m going to go to battle tomorrow! This other barbarian city keeps attacking the gates when they are closed, stealing the crops from the farm! Our people’ll win! It’s a fairly new town. Their arrows are made with stone heads and not iron! We will kill them off!”


Why don’t you stay here and let me go instead.”


You know it’s your duty to take care of our son until he reaches sixteen! What if something happens to you?”


You big log head! I was just joking. Unlike you, I rather keep my life for a couple more years! Go on off and die will you! Anyway, I was thinking about marrying the young man in the market place if you lose your life! He is so cute, and well mannered!”

His father slaps the table.


That bastard! I’ll kill him!”

Leith laughs hard especially when his father slaps the table like that. The Commander stands up with a face full of hog juice. He walks toward the door.

His mother gets up. She runs and jumps on his back…


Not if I kill you first!”


You sexy whore, come with me!”

She chokes his neck. The Commander is too overpowering. She can’t get a strong enough grip to hurt him. He carries her into their bedroom then slams the door shut.

Leith enjoys his crazy family. He cuts another piece of the hog and eats it.

What his Father Remembers

The Commander’s and his Wife’s room is saturated with dirt. The walls are made of logs insulated with mud. The floor has leaves spread across it, along with long stems of hay. The bed is soft. It’s a gigantic pillow stuffed with cotton and leaves. The Commander’s wife gets off his back, climbs on the bed, and takes off her clothes.

The Commander stares at her. Her sweet actions are tenderizing to the sight. A gorgeous creature is totally in love with him. He wants to make sure that she gets all the attention that she earns for. He takes his shirt off.

With his shirt on he looks fat. However, this is a false appearance. Muscles bulge from out of every part of his body. He is a killing machine. His wife is using her pointer-finger, directing him toward her. He has an obligation to leave, but he decides to walk into her magic. Climbing in the bed, he crawls on top of her. He licks more meat-juice from her soaked body. He tastes up to her neck.


“You taste good Helen! I bet that boy at the market don’t have a long tongue like mine.”

Her name is Helen.


Now dear… I said only if you die. You’re still alive. So I’ll love you until the end!”

She puts her finger on his lips so he can’t say anything to mess up the moment. Helen’s face is young like a teenager. For her being 5-years younger than him, her body has stealth flexibility. She reacts on temptation coaxing attraction. Even the worries of tomorrow’s battles lingers the Commander’s every feeling.

Helen branches her pastel index-finger into his mouth. He absorbs the salt from her finger, keeping the flavor savored on his tongue. While he extracts the salt from her finger, she kisses and licks on his salty chest. Her lips are soft. She hurricanes her warm tongue into his leathery skin.

What adoration and un-thinkable peace they have. He can feel the passion she has for him through the droplets of saliva rolling from out of her mouth pealing virtual holes into his heart. He grasps her head and brings it toward his face. She slowly kisses up his chest until she arrives at his eyes. The desire to taste the wetness in her mouth requests for him to look impatient and windless. Time stops as they kiss each other. Her head relaxes in his huge expanded fingers.


The Commander and Helen lie in the bed. They have just woke-up. It’s time for him to prepare for his march against his rivals. New units have just finished training. They will lead the battle. Life will be more uncultured after today’s events. She reaches over to him and rubs on his chest. He can’t feel her soft hand. He is in heavy thought about today’s battle.


Cogan, when does your regiment leave?”

His mind is somewhere else. She knows he is in meditation, so she kisses his jaw and doesn’t say anything else. She gets out of bed and walks toward the bathroom. It’s probably the only thing that can break his train of thought. Her back is chiseled like a dominating work of art. Her hair falls toward her back, touching her tail bone.

He can never forget her. He gets up out of his bed preparing his battle uniform. Worried about today’s activities, he doesn’t take a shower because he wants to remember the smell of his wife and their home. He might not come back.



“Leith Erickson, come here.”

Leith plays with some of the other village boys having a wooden sword fight.


Yes dad!”

He signals timeout to his playmates.

Cogan falls to one knee waiting until his son comes to him. Even while bending down, compared to him and the height of his son, Cogan is still extra tall.

When Leith arrives, Cogan puts his hand on Leith’s shoulder and tells him.


“Son, I want you to take care of your mother while I’m gone. I know sometimes she is selfish, but she is still your mother! Can you do that for me son?”


I’ll serve her faithfully.” (saluting)


“Don’t worry dad. I’ll take care of everything.”


Ok. I’ll be counting on you.”

He pushes himself up. It’s like lifting a sack of bricks.


Good bye son!”

Leith doesn’t say anything. He runs back into the other direction where his friends are playing. Cogan smiles at him and walks off.

After the Battle

A savage brute runs toward Cogan from the rear with a club raised in the air. Getting smashed in the head, Cogan pretends not to feel the impact of the blow. However, it did a heap of damage almost knocking him out. Cogan’s perception is obscured.

Raising the club again, the man backs away for the second time. Cogan’s anamnesis from all the battles he has been in carries him to react with total instinct. Cogan turns around and sinkers his huge battle ax into the soldier’s kidney. The man instantly drops the club and falls to the ground. The entire battlefield stinks with dead bodies.

Coming out the other side of his body, an arrow is jammed deep through Cogan’s chest. It barely misses his heart. Three other soldiers from Cogan’s kingdom are alive, but they are missing body-parts, their agility is shot. Their bodies shake on the ground in shock.

Two other soldiers from the conflicting kingdom are alive. They move toward Cogan’s direction. Black-crows swoop down stealing bits of cutup human remains. Pulling an eyeball out of a dead soldier’s head, a crow flies away with a belly full of human-flesh. Dead bodies scatter about like old Marietta-bottles, spilling red blood over the peppery soil.

Anticipating the two men’s movement, Cogan pretends to be out of breath. He drops his battle-axe. It’s too heavy to fight with because of his injuries. Kneeling to one knee, he waits for their appearance. Remembering his son’s favorite 360-combination, he grasps a sword near his feet expecting to use the blended style on the two appeasers.

Cogan tastes the hot-wind, while having a daydream about his lovely wife. He can smell his bedroom.

Lying down on the bed with her on top of him, Cogan has one of her breasts in his mouth. She pulls it out. Climbing up her body, Cogan kisses the middle of her chest. The ambience and the odor of her body are on his skin. He can, in spite of the arrow in his chest, feel her touch. Cogan grabs the sword and pushes himself up into a 360 spin, pivoting his body weight toward his attackers. He chops their heads off. It’s an accurate performance. The soldier’s bodies tumble to the ground while their heads fly off into the other direction.

Cogan has lost a lot of blood. He lies next to one of the men he killed. He falls to sleep.


The sun blazes. It roasts Cogan’s body on the hot soil. He wakes up out of a deep-death-sleep. He hears his wife calling him.


Help… Please help us!”

Cogan finds the strength to drag-himself-sideways over some dead bodies. He tries to get to his battle axe. An enemy wakes up out of a pile of dead bodies. He stabs Cogan in the ankle. Screaming in terrifying pain, Cogan kicks the man in the face and pulls the knife out of his ankle. He jams the knife through the man’s eye, pinning his head to the red dirt.


“Awwww… You bastard.”

Cogan makes it to his battle axe. One side of his body is sun burnt from lying on his side because of the arrow still stuck in his chest. That isn’t his main concern right now. He has to make his way back home to figure out why his wife awakened him from the dead.

He stands up propping himself with his battle axe. His legs cramp up, and his chest spatters in scrutinizing pain. He limps across the plain of dead bodies using his battle axe like a walking-cane.


Cogan makes it to the front gate. Burnt down relics of the gate smokes in the open air; the whole kingdom is up in a blaze. The gates are down. He pushes pass some people standing around. They watch the kingdom burn to the ground.

One of the men says to Cogan.


    “Sir! I’m a doctor. You’re hurt badly. Let me help you.”

Pushing forward, trying to make it to his family, Cogan disregards the doctor’s advice.

He notices some people are alone. Everyone standing outside has lost someone. He tries to move pass the gate. A guard stops him.


You can’t go in there. Everything is on fire.”


“My wife and son are still in their! I don’t see either of them out here with the others!”

The guard looks him up and down. Cogan’s uniform is shredded, and his body has been severely cut up. A large hickey festers on the back of his head. The guard observes an arrow stuck in Cogan’s chest.


Sir, you need some medical attention. You can go inside, but I’m warning you. You won’t like what you’ll find.”

The guard yells out to the other guards.


Let him pass!”

Cogan limps into the city.


Dead women and children scatter about the foundation. The blaze from the heat singes Cogan’s face. All the cottages are glowing hot. The market place has been knocked down. It burns with a blue brilliance.

Some of the women were put on crosses. They were recently put there because their bodies are continuing to fuel the hot flames. Cogan can feel his heart slipping away. His unconscious mind shuts on and off, causing his vision to weaken. When he believes he is about to die then he sees his wife. She is stuck on a cross next to their cottage. He notices his son also.

Leith is enchained with other women and children. Bandits have raided their village. The ground-pirates usually attack during the night, stealing people to sell for slaves in the black-market. Cogan has no more strength to fight. He falls to the ground. One of the men notices him. Leith yells out,


Dad… Please help us! They are about to set mom on fire! I’m sorry, Dad help us. I couldn’t protect her!”

The band of pirates must have gotten the word back that both armies fell on the battlefield. When Cogan’s kingdom goes off to battle, the gates are usually proudly left open. However, this time it was a misconception. The village’s Archers are lying dead in their towers.

A bandit soldier stands under Helen. He smiles at Cogan. Cogan eyes are open. He turns his head to look up at his wife. She is still alive bare-naked hanging on a cross. Animal fat has been rubbed all over her body. Without any compassion, the man sets her on fire.


What are you doing? Get up! Help her!”

There is nothing Cogan can do. He tries to speak but blood flows out of his mouth. He turns and watches them take Leith and the rest of the women and children away. Cogan closes his eyes. He falls into a forever sleep.


Cogan awakes from out of a vegetable state. He lies in a medical-camp with some of the remaining men from his village, who survived the attack. It’s one of their older checkpoints in the mountains. The villagers must have carried him there. His body is weak. He has lost a lot of muscle tissue from being dehydrated for a long period of time. Everything hit’s him at once. The battle he lost, his son being taking away, and his wife being burned alive on a cross. Cogan doesn’t know what to do. He screams,



His voice echoes over the mountain range.

What the Hero Remembers

Leith is shirtless lying on the floor with a greasy-fried-chicken-leg on his chest. His mother is in her bedroom. Everything seems normal until he hears people shouting outside. An arrow, lithe on fire, flies through the window. He gets up and runs to his mother’s room. He bangs on the door.


“Wake up, wake up! Mommy, there’s something wrong!”


What is it?”

A man runs through the door, grabs him, and pulls him outside. Some of the women, who use to be in the army, fight back. Too many enemy attackers gain access to the interior. The defenders are slaughtered. Other women, who are not fighting, fall to their knees. They put their hands behind their backs.

A lady dashes for the front gate holding her young five-year-old son tightly in her arms. An anonymous arrow flies over the wall. It goes in her back. Holding her son in a protected position, the lady falls to the ground face first.

Leith glances back at his cottage. His mother has killed the men, who took him from the living-room. She tightly grasps her sword. A big gash wound bleeds from her forehead. Falling on the porch, she drops the sword and faints…

Leith yells out,



He tries to go to her. One of the pirates hits him in the head. He falls to sleep.


Leith wakes up with shackles around his ankles and ropes tied around his wrist. All the buildings are up in a blaze. Dead women and teenagers are in the streets. They are the ones who decided to fight back. Leith sees his mother. One of the men is taking off her clothes.

Another woman, his neighbor, is being raised into the air. She hangs on a cross with nails through her hands and feet. Down the stretch, other women on crosses raise into the air. Leith yells.


Leave my mother alone! I’ll kill you! I’ll kill you all.”

He tries to break free, but he gets hit in the head again. He goes unconscious.


Someone throws a bucket of water in Leith’s face. He wakes up with a sore-neck from getting hit in the back of the head. He sees Helen again.


Stop, leave her alone! Let me go! I’ll kill you. I swear…”

One of the men raises his club up to hit Leith. However, another man standing in front of the group raises his hand to signal the man not to hit the boy. He must be their leader. He yells,


Let him watch!”

Leith can’t understand what the man is saying. He speaks with a strange tongue.

They begin to pull them away. A man in the back yells out,


Move forward!”

Helen is in the air bolted to a cross.

Leith screams,


Leave her! You bastard! When I get loose I am going to kill you all. I promise you!”

Then he sees his father fall to the ground.


Dad… Please help us! They are about to set mom on fire! I’m sorry, Dad help us. I couldn’t protect her!”

Cogan isn’t moving. Leith looks back and the man standing under his mother sets her on fire.


What are you doing? Get up! Help her!”

There’s nothing he could do. They pull him out of the gate!”


Outside the burning civic, people from the village hide in the brushes. They watch the pirates take the children and women away. The village army has been wiped out. The villagers outside are the older combat vets, ken eyed and familiar with the art of war. There’s nothing the rescue party can really do about the current situation because one-thousand enemy archers stand on the opposite side of the forest.

It’s true the enemy might have more archers and soldiers, but if the enemy sets foot over their line then they defiantly will lose their lives. These older men and women will fight until the last man stands. However, they are not foolish. Anyone can tell that the enemy has a very strong defense and none of the villagers are strong, or young enough to dodge an arrow. Most of them are in their 80s and 90s. They were either out fishing or hunting.

A 60-year-old man runs from behind the woods and yells,


Let those children go!”

He throws an iron axe into one of the rival’s neck. The pirate falls to the ground releasing his grip on the chain. Some warm blood splashes into Leith’s face. The Old-Man bends down and pulls a knife from his boot. Moreover, Oh, the terror he receives when he stands back up again. He sacrificed his life for a little piece of retribution. The old man’s body is darted with more than one hundred arrows. He falls backwards. The arrows prop him up two-feet from the ground. His blood drains down the arrows’ shafts.

One of the men from the opposing side speaks to Leith.


“See what happens when you don’t listen.”

He has a big scar on his face, wearing some armor that reads “F-e-a-r!”

They take the women and children away. Leith Erickson and the rest of the villagers will never see their home again.


Translation from the Top

The Old Commander reaches out to him shivering, his hands shakes vigorously.”


Leith Erickson… Don’t you remember who I am?”

The hero sticks his sword in the dirt wiping the blood from his face.


Father, I’m such a mess! Please I’m not going to kill you! You must stop fighting!”


I can’t stop fighting you! It’s my duty to my kingdom to do battle with your kind! The people that you work for are the same people who killed your mother!”

They are shouting at each other.


It wasn’t them that did this! You must stop blaming everyone! I have a duty to the Camelot people to protect them. Please father, stop fighting!”


I’m proud of you son that you can be so forgiving. You remind me so much of your mother. I can’t believe what I’m seeing right now. You must kill the rest of those men and me.”

(raising his hand toward his men)

After I lost both of you, I became a bad man, and I am in their brotherhood. I raped children, killed women, and burnt villages to the ground. I gave up looking for you. But it’s remarkable. I finally found you again. Please put me to sleep, so I can catch up with your mother’s other life.”


Father… Don’t make me do this!”


It’s your duty as a soldier! Do it now!”

The hero pulls his broken sword from out of the ground.



He pushes himself up and throws his battle axe down.


What is it father?


Remember your favorite move that I really liked seeing you do on those dummies?”


Yes I do dad.”


Please let me see it again! Goodbye son. I’ll always love you and your mother!”


And I’ll always love you and her.”

The Hero is originally left handed. However, since a very young age he has been working in the Camelot Army. The army and all the fighting he has experienced modified his fighting style. Everybody watches him staring at the ground. The fighting dies out. The barbarians, who surrendered are on their knees out of breath with their hands behind their heads.


Do it now!”

The hero runs toward him jumping in the air doing a 360 backspin chopping off his father’s head.




Death Keeper’s Poetry Break

He is He

Written by Daton L. Fluker

Copyrighted 2007

He believes I’m a star.

I believe that I’m a soldier.

He believes in the future.

It’s always going to be brightly designed for him.

He believes in me.

This world is full of contradictions.

High school drop outs having children.

Homeless families are forsaken to beg for kindness.

Third world countries vast themselves in selfishness and Greed

STDS immense in turmoil, burning people dreams to the ground.

Terrorism takes a new found world for a child, and turns it into darkness.



I believe in happy go lucky.

Meaning you’re lucky for what you have and there are others who have lesser meals.

He knew this to.

When I get off track, he is there to put me back on the train.

Sometimes I feel as if I’m an Island hopper, a traveler jumping from place to place trying to find a future.

His future, his joy, and his pride were me, and my sisters, and brothers.

He gave us bread when there was no butter.

He still believes even when he is completely in debt.

His love I got for a song.

However, to be his understudy was hard because I stop believing.

Let me put it this way.

I was part of his life, but I never walked in his shoes.

In the autumn of my life, I’m glad he was there.

I was born in Generation X, and I learned more than my share of what the world has to offer.

I feel ageless because thousands of years of madness have been thrust upon me.

To love him was the prime of his life.

And to be-loved by him was the beginning of mines.

A story of truth and graciousness

My past is old as the hills, but my future is ageless because of him.

2 thoughts on “Camelot Dimension 360 Chapter 6

Add yours

  1. You have a very engaging style of writing. I look forward to reading the next chapter. I didn’t understand the foreign language parts, but could always cut & paste it to a translation program, which is what I usually do if I don’t have a dictionary handy. The female character seems to be a bit slovenly and grotesque, but if she thinks that she has it in her to find a younger man, then perhaps she just needs a good wash after all.

  2. Hats off to you for expressing yourself..You are a gem & truly talented in expression.
    Life is very gray and has many twists & turns…
    Enthusiasm is the greatest asset in the world. It beats money,power, and influence.
    I Hope you stay true to yourself , your inner voices, and your passion in your heart will revolve with your dreams. “If you build it they will come.”

    xxxx0000Mary-elle n Cottingham

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