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Dream Master




Dream Master

What is a Dream Master? We are the ones that make scares and death come to life in your dreams. If you want to know the thoughts of a true Dream Master then get Daton L. Fluker’s short story fiction Finished Cries. It’s a story about parents who struggle to protect their family on the mean streets of Baton Rouge. John battles through the darkest hours of his life as these prismatic events circle him in the web of unrelenting terror. It begins with a beginning and ends with fire. What will be the outcome of two parents that loves their children with residual circumstances? Be prepared because this book is rated R by the Author. There is uncut violence. This book was made for the adult mind. It depicts the emotions of hate, sadness, and love. How can someone love when there are ample amounts of bloodshed? You will find out if you read Daton L. Fluker’s Finished Cries. Anyhow, be-careful because this book has been written by a Dream Master and only nightmares can exist in a Dream Master’s memories.




Daton L. Fluker

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