Last Minute Cover Design Alterations for Substance God’s Hell Fairy

I changed the cover design of my new novel, “Substance God’s Hell Fairy. I thought this design would look more like a nightmare than before. It’s selling on Kindle.

I’m not an environmental nutcase but I do believe we need to save the planet more than what we been doing.

Kindle helps readers download e-books on their phones, Ipads, Laptops, Motorolas or any digital device that could download the kindle app from the app store.

Search for “Substance God’s Hell Fairy.” Or search for my name in the data base, “Daton L. Fluker” in your kindle app.

If you have a laptop then purchase the file from

That link will bring you directly to the Daton L. Fluker’s Substance product page.

The Kindle site deals with HTML codes, which I’m familiar with. I formatted the manuscript. Like I said before, I’m under heavy fire.

About Speaks of Shadows. I promised to release them at the same time. However, doing all the formatting, editing, and designing the cover for Substance. Shit just taking too long. However, I will send free copies of the screenplay pretty soon. I write my short stories as screenplays. If you are a producer, and you see a screenplay you like then cop it. However, contact me first.

I will update my webpage and blogs later on, so please don’t get disgruntle if things don’t converse properly.

Have a wonderful week.


Author Daton L. Fluker

PS: Kindle gives free sample files of books. Furthermore, I’ll be uploading Chapter 1 to my blog.


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