Author Daton L. Fluker’s Substance: God’s Hell Fairy


Nightmares are coming. Terra Omegon is an Angel, who is summoned to combat on the burning grounds of Substance. The Creator wants him to protect the forgotten souls, the people who weren’t destined to take room and board on the torrid surface of the first planet.
Unlike humans, Angels don’t have a say so in the contracts written for them. However, they do have the choice to fight for goodness or refer to be evil. Darkness, is everywhere.
Even though an Angel is a direct descendant of God, He still will send him or her to Substance if He needs them to fight. The only reason why people go to Open Source Substance is because of the nightmare created at the beginning. The first shadow was a speck of dust that grew throughout the universe, taking the light and turning it into darkness.
This book is a nightmare. Murderers are born to be murderers. Death rings fear in this fairytale. Terra Omegon must protect the hell sword from the creatures of Substance. Whoever holds the Hell Sword can command all the evil in that sector.
When Terra goes to earth, he possesses a pure soul. The only unpolluted souls on earth in the 21th century are children. Even though Terra Omegon is an angel, he is something from Substance. Welcome to Daton L. Fluker’s Substance, God’s Hell Fairy. But be warned. Substance pertains to the concept of pure evil. Substance is hell.
Coming soon on Kindle. 
February 25 2012.



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