Christian Choate, Boy Found Buried In Concrete Died While Locked In A Cage, Sister Says

Our parents are our makers. The world has change and children need their parents to facilitate laws for their child safety. Many people will ask, “Why didn’t the sisters escape with their brother.” Freedom, or any type of temperamen­t is a learned behavior. Living in this contaminat­ed environmen­t for so long caused these children to endure low self esteem, and this pressed them from contacting authoritie­s. How can they, when the parent has all the control? They lived their lives with a mad man. I wish Christian could have experience­d the life a child was supposed to, and I pray his sisters could experience a better manner of living. Don’t blame the children for this type of negligence­. Our environmen­t bestows our attitudes, and our parents teachings give us our personalit­ies. We all are individual­s, but personal action is a learned behavior.

God Bless our Children.


Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

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