The 13 Signs

The 13 Signs


By Daton L. Fluker

The consciousness of the world is changing. The 13 signs are here.

Can you see them?

  1. Overpopulation–>
  2. Sex with animals–>
  3. Gay sex overly harmonic–>
  4. Pedophilia–>
  5. Hungry people –>
  6. War everywhere.–>
  7. The foundation of the Earth is unstable.–>
  8. Stealing becomes a past time activity. –>
  9. Over populated child births must come to and end. –>
  10. Garbage –>
  11. Death–>
  12. Panic–>
  13. Death Keeper’s Biological Wasteland–>

Let the record show, I believe nothing is wrong with being gay. However, something is wrong with contrasting opposite sexual pleasures upon our youth. If it is openly done in front of teenagers like the rebellion against gays, “The Ribs of America Speech given by Lady Gaga,” and TV shows like L-World being nationalized. Then what is the difference from forcing gay sex on children, or giving them the idea of gay sex? This leads to pedophilia, the fourth hour.

The 7th sign is an unstable environment, the 7th hour… The 11th sign is death, and they are almost the same.

Why are you so offended? What age were you when you learned about homosexuals? Children safeguard things with their hearts. If you believe it, you will build it. At the top, I noted that “the consciousness of the world is changing.”

Why are male coaches not allowed in the girls’ shower room? Why do boys and girls take separate showers? The reason why is because of their sexual urges for each other. It’s confusing these days because we will never know if couches have sexual feelings for their students. Not all gays have sexual desires for children. However, not all heterosexuals have sex with people their own age.

Buy a copy of Author Daton L. Fluker’s “Death Keeper’s Biological Wasteland.”




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