Why My WordPress Facebook’s Share Button isn’t Working?


Why My WordPress Facebook’s Share Button isn’t Working?

Written By Daton L. Fluker


Hello everyone… I came to inform my fellow friends and family that my WordPress-Blog-Facebook’s share button is not working. I posted a few links on Facebook, and Facebook burnt me at the wager. The robots on social media websites rapidly decide the fate of an individual’s internet site. Posting links on social media sites are becoming a monotonous former time consuming venture.

I will discuss a little bit about hidden rules, and knowing these hidden rules. Here is an interesting blog I came across “Hidden rules define social classes, cause confusion (Hazelton, 2008).

Susan Hazelton, the Author of this blog, talks about the hidden rules between poverty, society and the wealthy. “Yes, the rich have more money, but that’s not all they have. According to researcher Ruby Payne of Texas, the rich, the middle class and those living in poverty each has a unique set of hidden rules” (Hazelton, 2008).The concepts the author is illustrating are alarming. It wakes you up. Being street smart is definitely a good attribute when dealing with social prosperity in certain communities. However, street smarts won’t carry an individual through college. Each populace has different rules wielded for survival. Street-smart is the awareness of how to succeed in a difficult environment.

I have been working with social media sites for the last several years convening information to share with friends and family. I believe social media sites are not directly ran by a person. Automatic programs are the present consciousness for the web. Some people adhere to these robots and actually believe they are spamming. We are not spammers; we are individuals who are trying to get our communities more involved in our social professions. Robots are not Gods people. If a writer who releases a novel can’t post a link on his or her social media site without being spammed by an automative system then I believe automative systems in social media sites are continuing to rotten the public eye for their artists. Some people adhere to social media robots as their Gods, well, “until it happens to them.” Social media sites are not here to make our merchandises favored by the public. Social media sites are used to connect with people and to let friends and family members have a space to know our trades.

It takes writers hours upon days to create good literature. It shouldn’t be accurate for robots to tell any entertainer that he or she is a spammer. Having wet leathery skin is another way of putting it. In some online communities there are no hidden rules, only self-propelling ones. Fundamentally, most social media sites used the robotic algorithms to push the herd in a certain direction. My friends we are more educated in today’s society than 20 years ago. Please don’t let your entertainers fall victim of spamming imprisonments.

Here are some things I never do. I never ask a new friend to buy anything from me. I may suggest them to go read a website where one of my novels are hosted. Spam is when someone constantly tells you to buy things. Excuse my French, I have a working profession, and if an individual believes everyone posting a link on Facebook is spam then kiss my ass. I write for a hobby. I go to school and have a vocation to pursue. I never post sale pitches on people walls. I might post a link with a signature but that is all it is–a link to enable people consciousness about me. I am not a spammer, if a person believes I am a spammer then rub me out of your conscious or social circle by hitting the delete button. I am not here to comprehend your sentiments. Furthermore, I know a few people who abuse the chat feature on Facebook. Sometimes I might send a link while chatting. However, that is what the chat button is for–having a conversation. I may even ask someone to leave a comment on my blog during the conversation.

For all of this said, thank you for reading and have a wonderful time on the site. Don’t forget to check out the Press release for “Death Keeper’s Biological Wasteland.”




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