Movie Night with Daton L. Fluker “The Tourist.”

Movie Night

Johnny Depp & Angelina Jolie “The Tourist” Romantic Thriller

Horror Writer, Daton L. Fluker, March 26, 2011


Good Evening everyone. It’s about 2:10 am in the morning, and I treated myself to a movie. I wanted to write this blog earlier, but I was having trouble with my HD Drive. I apologized for the inconvenience. I am not sure if it will happen again. That’s life in a box-literally a cold box. Sometimes the winter makes me shiver, so I earn for a cup of coffee to warm my heart. The picture of me at the top was taken last year. I still look the same, so it’s ok. I have an Android phone, and the battery runs out faster than a person can pick their teeth, ass, or nose. The camera on the phone doesn’t have a turning head, so I can’t take a picture of myself in less I am looking in a mirror. It is truly hard to find a camera man that will work for nickels, and dimes. Well, after Sony and Panasonic gets through with their camera upgrades, I believe a lot of photographers will be out of commerce. That is good news for American Universities. Furthermore, maybe photographers won’t be getting all the potang. Yes I can go on for days joking. However, let us get to the center of the lollipop.

I watched “The Tourist” starring Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie. The reason why I went to go see the movie is because I made and A- on my Math B1-Algebra second level class. Sometimes the world seems dark, and we have to save some fun for ourselves. Many people probably know me as the Rock-n-Roll Rapper. However, I am not describing this film in a rapper’s perspective. I am showing my desire for the movie as a writer and a fellow artist. The movie was excellent. Conversely, Johnny Depp can be a little soft-(t) sometimes. Oh did I accidentally double my (t) on soft. Ha Ha… Just joking Johnny…

We have to love both performers. Both performers did over 70 films; I believe they live hours away from each other in France. I always thought Angelina Jolie was American. See how much a thick headed polar-bear of a man who likes peanuts and butter finger snacks while he is watching porn on Saturday nights understand the film industry. Why am I so inconsistent? Well sometimes you get bad weed. The weed is smoke-able. However, if it has many seeds then the joint will always need to be lith. It’s a simple useful expression for, “Sometimes you have to grab your balls and choke them.” It’s an inside joke and people living like me would probably understand what I am talking about.

I wanted to go for a Jog. It started to rain. I got bored, so I through on some black jeans, a brown hoodie, and put some thick black socks on then grabbed my Android phone and left for Blitz. Blitz is a local movie theater in Sakuragicho Japan. It was pretty cold. The city goes dark after 10:00 because all the businesses are conserving energy. The last Earthquake in Japan was at a magnitude 9.0. It devastated a lot of people homes in the Northern area. I pray that the thousands of people, who are lost, will find their way back home.

“The Tourist” is filled with a lot of wonderful action scenes. No sex-scenes because Johnny Depp has a girlfriend and Angelina Jolie has a family of her own. Besides Johnny’s girl friend didn’t want to see Johnny in a twisted situation—as most may describe it. The kissing scene was awesome. However, I just wish they wouldn’t have cut the shower scene. Anyone can get tied up in Angelina’s eyes. Her eyes snakes into the heart and makes the wind pushing through our lungs shy away from the screen-just for a few seconds. It’s nice film to go watch. I couldn’t read the credits because I am in Japan. My Japanese isn’t so profitable. However, I am still learning. I had to order my ticket in Japanese, and that’s always fun to speak Japanese whenever I get a chance.

After the movie, I went to Tsutaya in Sakuragicho and got a nice and disgusting cup of coffee. Café Americano is potently bitter if drunk without milk or sugar. Just the way I like it, a drink that will keep the fingers moving and doesn’t have any preservatives-only a natural relish.

The pictures are pretty cool. I wish the resolution was better. I am going to do an Omori to Yokohama walk to promote the new novel I wrote, “Death Keeper’s Biological World.” Check out Camelot Dimension 360 a manuscript I am writing at Hopefully, Camelot Dimension 360 will be finished sometime during the middle of this year. However, shit happens. That is why I never set complete dates. The 20th Century children are functioning through intuition. Intuition is the main thing that will get us through horrible weather. When it is time to pick up our bags and depart, we go to the light because if we wait too long then we will not know when the headlights will be mirrored to us again.

To all my friends… Have a magnificent day, morning, or night.



StarPulse. (2010, November 2010). Retrieved March 26, 2011, from Johnny Depp & Angelina Jolie On Their New Romantic Thriller ‘The Tourist’:


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