Halo Written By Daton L. Fluker ps: Donate to Earthquake Victims in Japan



Written by

Daton L.Fluker

Inspired by Beyonce’s version of Halo

It restates over in my mind like a recorded absorbent.

It’s a starving but humble sound.

Ordinances are broken for the core and tension of gravity.

I now know that God built me not to fall to this.

Who will believe the energy if you do not feel it?

The drive burns off roof tops.

Center pieces move to the left and fall off table tops from the blast.

Mountain tops are blown off from the vibrations the sound produces.

The sea dries up, evaporates, and makes rain clouds from the energy of the light.

The minute and hour hand stop as the seconds continue to unfold.

Battles cease and men run to hide from the pinnacles of its voice.

Dreams and birthrights are lost in snow, sleet, and hell from its pollution.

Can you feel the light, can you see the energy, can you hear the Halo?

Streaks of transonic booms slice like laser blades observing the silence.

The night appears like day, and the darkest things we can imagine lie tumbled in its aftershocks.

The color became my favorite color.

Dust from the moon sweeps the sky, while bits and fragments fall to Earth floating on the noise.

Earth has a heart attack from its presence, and the middle stops for a few seconds.

Can you not feel the light, can you not see the energy, can you not hear the Halo?

It is a big brother to us all, and it embraces our wildest imaginations.

Coldness is felt in my skin and an infirm dept has stolen all my coins.

Something tells us to stop but something commands us to go forward.

The energy evicts transistors off their axis.

Thunder hits its walls. However, thunder, rocks, and lava get trapped in its cells and is absorbed in its power.

You will feel the light. You will see the energy, and you will hear the Halo.

You might turn your noise up and walk away from everyone you meet and never speak to the indifferent.

However, you will see the angels. You will not deny the energy, and you will breathe in the Halo.


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Please donate to Earthquake victims in Japan here on Groupon.: http://www.groupon.com/deals/international-medical-corps

Sincerely, Daton L. Fluker

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