UNREMEMBERED by Daton L. Fluker

Posted: August 27, 2010 in Uncategorized



Written by Daton L. Fluker

Corruption has grazed over the land.
The wind puffs cold devils rain
The dream of coziness falls in its hardships of lies.
Greed becomes a summon for life.
Tired as we must be, these dreams will be advanced by pain.
Blood is extracted from my finger tips leaving bacteria to eat away at my nervous system.
My heart becomes darker; my thoughts become frequent with annihilation. 
Candy covered cough drops soaking in a bag of sadness with no pictures on the wall
The life took them away; the light gave them a home, 
The hands of God gave them hope and gave them Death.
Lullabies lost by wrapping their magnificent sound around the first, second, and third layers of our ears.
However, this never soaks into our mind but only our ears.
The oven is hot baking a batch of regretful meatloaf.
They touch, they sleep, they drink, they play, and they go away.
The first president is the first modern American.
The first car is the first modern accident.
Who will stop these pernicious crimes?
Even so, better yet, who will stop time?

  1. king.of.bling.bling says:

    When I read this I ran out of words but I can say it’s 100% amazing.Best of luck brother

  2. El Cid says:

    Poignant and touching… Loved it.. Hope to see your books out on shelfs soon..

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