I am the Tokyo Ghost Writer

Posted: December 17, 2009 in Messages From Daton

If you like to read something scary and you don’t know where to look; please do me a big favor and read some of my stuff and comment on what you like. This blog is for adult people or people with Adult minds – either or.  If you read something perverted or just damn right disgusting well it isn’t my fault. Don’t come here harassing me about my content.  I’ll do my best to inform you that I write scary shit and that I use per found language. If you are under the age of 18 then I suggest you get your parents approval before you come in read this content.

I’m not trying to sound rude are be ignorant about this but it’s just that I get tired of people putting themselves in bad situations and they can’t handle the adult language or a nice strong punch in the nose, when they find out something about someone and they want to go running their chops.

I’m a psychotic fuck so you will learn that about me as I develop my stories. I would pretty much say what the hell I want in them because I have no respect for my characters.

Now for people and fans I have the upmost respect for and I hope to give you all super content to feed that evil spirit of yours.   I’ll give you free readings of books that I’m working on currently.

Write now you can get a copy of my current published Short story Fiction on my website.


Thank you for reading… Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year…..


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